The Benefit of Pull Ups

If there’s one exercise that generations of kids in gym class dreaded, it was the pull­up test. For many people, pull ups are some of the most difficult physical exercises, and the truth is that these are really hard exercises. However, although pull ups might be really difficult, they also provide amazing health benefits for […]

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6 Incredible Benefits of Dead-lifting You Should Know

You may argue that squats are the king of all exercises, however do not underestimate deadlifting. Or weightlifting as you prefer. While squatting helps you build your size, deadlifting helps you carve out the perfect upper and lower body like no other exercise. Need some more reasoning? Here are the key benefits of deadlifting: Deadlifting […]

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Solid Reasons To Start Doing BodyPump Group Exercise Today

It’s time to raise the bar, or better say the barbell and start doing the BodyPump group exercise today. Curious why? Read one! For those still unfamiliar with the craze – BodyPump is a 60-minute intensive program that consists of 5-6 specific exercises (chest press, squatting, deadrow, lunge, clean and press, and reverse curl) all […]

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6 Benefits of Squats You Can’t Ignore

There’s always that guy in the gym who throws three or four plates on each side of the barbell and squats it like a boss. You think he’s probably a mighty cool power-lifter, right? Wrong! He just knows the next amazing benefits of squatting you can no longer ignore! Squats strengthens the overall body While […]

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3 Quick and Dirty Fat Loss Tips

Reap the rewards of a fat free physique with the following 3 quick and effective fat loss tips. No vague promises. Only tested and tried advice suggested to all of our clients at personal training sessions in East London studio. Read on! 1. Add morning cardio on an empty stomach to your routine Specifically, just […]

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7 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

If failed fitness goals sound like a familiar story then why not try something different for 2015? We examine some of the benefits of having a personal trainer. The New Year has just arrived and many have failed at their fitness resolutions already. Unfortunately with a busy lifestyle, fitness can take a back seat. We […]

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