Sean’s fantastic results working with Right Path Fitness**

I recently got out of a relationship and I was feeling really bad about myself. My confidence was in the toilet and I couldn’t look at myself without feeling bad about how I looked. I decided to do something about it and found Right Path Fitness. I was really nervous to begin with, but from my research, the trainers at Right Path were exactly what I was looking for. They were friendly, accommodating and approachable. On my first session, I met one of the trainers, who met with me and talked me through everything slowly, I soon got over my nerves and began training. It was hard at the start, but with the continual coaching and support, I was soon pushing myself harder and harder, soon after I saw some really impressive results. I was feeling so much happier in myself, my confidence grew (as did my muscles), I went from 74kgs with 13% fat to 81kg with 8% fat, I felt happier and more positive than I had ever felt before in my life! It’s now been a few months, and I don’t recognise myself. I continue to feel happier and more positive than I have ever felt before and that is down to the fantastic personal training that I have received at Right Path Fitness. I would urge anyone to give it a go, because If I can do it, anyone can.**– Sean - 28

Prads journey so far with the Right Path Fitness team**

Claires 6 week intense plan results**

James first 6 weeks training results with us**

Sams results after 12 weeks training with Right Path Fitness**

Liz’s Story – New Mum drops 3 dress sizes with Right Path Fitness!**

After I gave birth, I found it really difficult to shift the weight. I tried everything, including every diet and training tip that I came across in all the glossy mags that I read. I heard about Right Path Fitness from a friend, she told me to try it and I am so glad I did. I went and met the head personal trainer Keith. We sat down and talked about my goals and how much time I had; he was very supportive and understood the complexities and time demands that come with being a new mum that is also working, and factored that into my training, so we set out a training programme that we felt was right for me, this included exercises I could do at home. I have been training now for 8 months and I feel like a new woman, since working with Keith I have dropped 3 dress sizes! My body fat % has come down from 34% to 14% and my muscle tone and flexibility have developed immensely. I now train twice a week but every session is different. I would highly recommend Keith and Right Path Fitness for anybody wanting to achieve their goal, whatever it may be.**– Liz - 34

Carls 12 week journey**


Marcos 6 week intense plan results**

Georges 3month fat loss goal results**

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