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Body Transformations

Right Path fitness are the leading body transformation personal trainers in London who have many years of proven client results. We provide expert personal training in private studios or at a location that suits you. We use only the most proven techniques that are proven by science. All our personal trainers  are industry experts with many years of proven results.

Getting fit can be a real problem for most people and the average personal trainer or virtual personal trainer costs or what you can expect can be very confusing. Most people don't have the knowledge or experience to develop there bodies into lean and muscular frames or get the results they desire. We offer all the guidance and support you will ever need.

A lot of people have misconceptions about what a personal trainer will do In a lot of cases, the first session is one where we establish your level of fitness and make sure that you know how to exercise correctly this will involve taking you through the various warm-up exercises, making sure your technique is correct for the kind of exercise you want and then helping you get started. In the next few sessions, we make sure that you’ve been keeping to the programme for example and regime we have designed for you, and then adjust that to suit your new levels of fitness and any weight you’ve lost.

The motivational aspect of a personal trainer is just as important as the regime they create for you, and part of their job will be to make sure that you’re in the right frame of mind to exercise. As a resource for people who struggle with motivation or knowledge of fitness, its an expense worth investing in.

Our Plans


For one to one attention at a time to suit you, choose our personal training sessions.
  • Hourly one to one session bookings.
  • Pay as you go personal training or buy in blocks
  • Benefits of the best personal trainers in London, on your terms.
  • Private studio training in City of London, Liverpool street location.
  • Email support.


Intense, powerful, transformative. To kick start your training, opt for our 6 week transformation.
  • A 8-week one-to-one programme helping to create a new you.
  • 3 personal training sessions per week.
  • Bespoke nutrition plan included.
  • Tailor-made training program for your individual goals.
  • Regular measurement to track progress.
  • Email support.


The 12 week route to results with one to one training and unrivalled support and advice.
  • 3 personal training sessions per week.
  • Bespoke nutrition plan included.
  • Tailor made training program for your individual goals.
  • Regular measurement to track progress.
  • Extra email support from our personal trainers when you need it.

Our Client Results

  • Weight Loss
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Increased Strength

Meet our clients

Listen to our clients stories and see the impact we have had on their lives.

"I took a 6-week transformation plan with Right Path Fitness and I had 3 sessions per week which were amazing I lost around 8 kgs and now I am 52 kgs which was my target goal I couldn’t be happier!"
DIANA | 25 Yr Old
"I have trained with Right Path Fitness team since September 2015 and have got into the best shape of my life i highly recommend that you sign up with the team you wont be disappointed!
ROGER | 25 Yr Old
"We wanted to get in shape for our upcoming wedding and with Keith’s focused training we hit that goal and went past it. It’s been an incredible experience to feel stronger and fitter than ever and push past our own expectations of our abilities."
NEIL & NADINE | 30 & 34 Yr Old
"As a former athlete, I was a bit sceptical about going to a trainer. But Right Path showed me there’s always more to learn, and most importantly for me helped frame a structure and discipline around my fitness which I realise had been lacking. And I’m seeing the results. Best investment I made in myself in the past few years!"
GIBSON | 45 Yr Old
"With a busy work and family life, I never thought I had time to devote to fitness. But Keith from Right Path showed me how to fit exercise into my routine and helped me get to where I want to be. In a short space of time, I started to see results – and am enjoying the experience! Keith is a supportive, knowledgeable trainer, and I’d recommend him to anyone."
VICKY  | 30 Yr Old
"When I met with Keith I was worried about training, as I felt I had failed many times before. Keith helped me understand what was missing from my routine, and as we train, continues to teach me about how each exercise is benefiting me and how my diet also plays a great role As well as being motivating and constantly enthusiastic, he is great at picking me up when I’m slacking and reminding me of the progress I have made already"
JONATHAN  | 29 Yr Old

Time to invest in your health and fitness

With our personal training London expertise, you could be looking at a brand new you in as little as 8-12 weeks. All it takes is for you to pull the trigger on becoming your best version. Our personal trainers will take care of all the finer details. Join us today and enjoy:
  • Guidance from an expert team of qualified nutritionists, personal trainers and sports therapists
  • An all-inclusive mind and body overhaul that’s sustainable for life
  • The most private, welcoming, supportive and friendly gym atmosphere you’ll find in London
  • Athlete-level results delivered through safe and proven methods
  • Olympic standard weights, machines and gym equipment
  • Relaxing and luxurious shower and changing rooms

The best private gym in London experience awaits! Book a free consultation now – and in the meantime, if you have any questions, please check out our FAQs below. If you require any additional information not found in the FAQs, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Frequently asked questions

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How many times per week would I need to train?
What part of London do you train your clients?

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