Fitness Clothing For Autumn

Best new fitness clothing for autumn Keith McNiven Right Path Fitness   If your idea of getting ready for a workout is to pull an old t-shirt from the back of the wardrobe, paired with some shorts that are probably older than Justin Bieber then you could be missing out! The new wave of […]

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Weight Assessment Tools

The “Why” of BMI and other Weight Assessment Tools   There are several weight assessment tools used today by health professionals.  Weight alone is not an accurate measurement of health status, but it is an important part of an overall assessment.  Today I want to discuss the “Why” behind BMI and other weight assessment tools […]

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5 ways to feel great this autumn

5 ways to feel great this autumn Keith McNiven Right Path Fitness   Ah, autumn, time to crank up the heating and hunker down until summer comes along again, right? Actually, whilst the days might be getting shorter and the weather decidedly chilly, you can still feel fantastic this autumn with our 5 tips […]

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5 Fitness Trends You Should Be Following

  Here at Right Path Fitness we’re all about focusing on the latest trends across a wide range of areas, and health and fitness is no exception; there’s always new and innovative fitness training methods and disciplines coming into play all the time, and we like to be right on top of the best of […]

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