Get Fit Fast In The New Year 

We’ve all done it. That moment when you glance at your calendar and realise its the start of a new year or there might even be an important event you thought you still had months and months to prepare for. So what do you do? Resign yourself to not looking and feeling your best and […]

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How To Combat Menopause Weight Gain

The dreaded menopause is a naturally part of the aging process of any female, which typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 years of age. Despite the menopause being a part of every woman’s life, sadly it comes with some rather unfortunate side effects that can be pretty difficult to deal with. Many […]

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5 Personal Trainer Tips To Improve Your Bum

Long gone are the days where ‘does my bum look big in this?’ was asked with a worrisome glance. Quite the opposite in fact, as now big and curvy bottoms are fashionable, desirable and quite frankly pretty fantastic. Lots of women up and down the country are switching their fitness goals from losing a few […]

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Personal Training And The Benefits

personal trainer London assisting female client

Are you a person that wants to stay in shape and lose some of those extra pounds? Then the best thing you can do is to start visiting the gym and working out. But if you really want to take things to the next level, you will need some proper guidance. That’s where personal training […]

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5 Reasons Females Should Do Weight Training

  One of the most common misconceptions about the world of exercise, particularly for females, is that incorporating weight training into an exercise will give you a bulky and muscular body, which of course is the ideal physique for some, but many women simply wish to look more lean and slim. However, incorporating weight training […]

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Five signs your fitness levels are dropping

Mobile Personal Trainer with clients

Sometimes we need to take a break from our training schedules. Whether we need a breather to focus on our families, to go on holiday, because we have a lot of work on or we simply don’t feel like working out – everyone suffers from occasional dips in motivation, meaning we take a step back […]

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The Christmas advent calendar

The Christmas advent calendar   Week two of our alternative Christmas advent and we hope you’ve been enjoying some of the great offers, tips and advice we’ve been throwing your way. This week, we’ve got lots more to keep you in tip top health for the festive season.   8th December. All I want for […]

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How to become a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer in London Gym

Whether you are fresh out of education and considering making fitness your career, thinking about starting up as a personal trainer City of London addition to your main job or are looking for a complete career change, this is the ultimate guide to becoming a personal trainer. Right Path Fitness have a wealth of experience […]

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