Can Diet and Exercise Help prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis is a potentially debilitating illness that affects thousands of people as they get older.  Pain and restricted movement are the most wearing symptoms, and there is no cure, unless the patient undergoes some form of joint replacement, if it is even possible for their particular condition.  However, recent research carried out by the University […]

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How To Cycle Like a Pro

In recent years, the sport of cycling has exponentially grown in popularity, with hundreds of men, women and children up and down the UK hopping on a bike for their dose of exercise. Cycling is an incredible form of physical activity, helping you to get healthy, improve your fitness and shift any stubborn pounds quickly […]

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Home Workout

We officially entered January this week, The Christmas period is traditionally a time of rest. We spent quality time with our family and friends, relax, watch copious amounts of tv and of course – eat. Festive food is a serious highlight of the Xmas holidays, but with it often comes festive fatigue. Indeed, many of […]

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