Seven Exercise Myths

    Myth #1: The cardio machine knows exactly how many calories you’re burning.   That Stair Stepper is not a psychic. Sure it does its best to assess the calories you’re burning, but these machines don’t know your body composition (some don’t even ask for weight or sex). What you’re seeing is a guesstimation […]

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5 Winter Health Tips

winter fitness

The winter is never a good time for the diet or fitness plan. You struggle to keep either of them going in the face of abysmal weather and an abundance of hot treats. However, there are still ways that you can stay healthy during the winter, and we’re going to be looking at five of […]

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Are Micro Workouts effective?

Balance is a fine art which some people never quite learn to perfect, regardless of how many years worth of practice they have. Being able to balance your home life, your work life, your social life, your children’s lives, your love life and to consistently implement and maintain some sort of fitness schedule or routine […]

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