Ultimate Guide to Working off Your Festive Indulgence

christmas food

  There’s a reason that gyms and PT diaries are so full in January and it is called festive indulgence. With all that lovely Christmas food on offer, we end up eating far too much and exercising far too little, then regretting it all come January and starting a diet. Instead, try our Ultimate Guide […]

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A few fitness tips for 2019 

  For many people, New year is when reality kicks in and they realise that their fitness aims have been buried at the bottom of their forgotten gym bags and their fitness levels are running on empty. I’ve worked with hundreds, of people in my career as a personal trainer and with probably every fitness […]

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10 reasons to try weight training

There’s a club in the fitness world called the weight training club and once you join it you’ll never leave. Some were inspired to become a member by watching those epic atlas stones being hefted into place on World’s Strongest Man, some were recruited by the new wave of weights classes to a funky soundtrack, […]

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