5 Reasons to boost Metabolism

women exercising

 Keith McNiven, founder of Right Path Fitness tells us why we should be boosting our metabolism and how.   We tend to think of metabolism in terms of weight loss; increase it and it’s a sure fire way to dropping the pounds they say. But metabolism is about much more than weight loss, it’s our […]

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Artificial intelligence and the fitness industry

AI Hand

You place your wristband onto the scanner at your AI enabled gym’s reception, and a virtual receptionist pops up on the screen to say hi and welcome you. You jump on the treadmill and the connected technology linking your band to the machine tells you just how far you ran last time, and what you […]

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Why businesses should invest in employee fitness

  If you’re lucky enough to work at Google, then you’re sorted on the fitness front. With on-site fitness centres, classes and micro kitchens so you can prepare healthy snacks through the day, this is one company who is investing in employee fitness. And the benefits for the company seem to be clear cut. A […]

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