Couple Personal Fitness Training

Couple training together.

Keith McNiven is founder of London based personal training company Right Path Fitness Couple Training   In my opinion, working out as a couple is one of the very best things you can do for your relationship. A study showed that when couples participate in a novel or stimulating activity together, that they rated […]

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Exercises to get you ready for a special event

fitness training

BRITISH and NATIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPION, and OWNER of RIGHT PATH FITNESS – KEITH MCNIVEN provides his 5 most effective exercises to get you ready for a special event. Whether it’s the person on the next desk you want to impress, or your group of friends.   KEITH says – “Whether you have a target you […]

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Need A London Personal Trainer?

  Sunglasses to hide tired eyes from the public, check. Bodyguard to protect from the paparazzi, check. Personal trainer to whip the body into shape ready for the premiere, check. There was a time when having a personal trainer was just for celebrities, but nowadays, personal training is far more accessible and affordable, meaning that […]

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