Get in Shape For Your Wedding With Right Path Fitness Team

Planning your wedding is hectic, to say the least. In all that organizational hassle and bustle it’s so easy to forget about your body.

Sure, treating yourself with a chocolate cake is delightful. But let’s talk about your physical shape. Are you feeling radiant and confident? Or insecure and exhausted because your wedding attire just doesn’t fit good enough?

Why Bother With Physical Training Before The Wedding?

Haggling for the bouquet, arranging the seating, sending out those invitations – you already have enough on your agenda, right?

Of course, your beloved one will adore you equally with those love handles or a beer belly, or without them. But no one wants to witness their carb-obsessed partner for life losing it over the wedding menu because the catering just can’t make a low-fat everything. Or drooling all over the samples they can’t afford to try because of some crazy pre-wedding diet.

Getting fit for a wedding is really about getting your self-confidence up and entering a new life in a better health.

We are not encouraging you to go on a severe wedding diet or enter a bootcamp with military-style drills for five hours a day, each week, up till you collapse from exhaustion on your Big Day. Here’s what we have in mind instead.

Getting in Shape For The Wedding 101

You want to be in an “I’m fabulous” mode on your wedding day. Right Path fitness team will help you achieve the right mindset and improve your overall shape as a pleasant side effect.

Here’s what on our wedding fit menu:

  1. Sculptured arms and shoulders.
  2. Sexy back and a tight bun in tow.
  3. Top waist and flat tummy.

We can help you design your physical training around your wedding attire or vice versa. In both cases, you’ll end up looking even more flattering than in your imagination. And you won’t be hiding those wedding pictures in the far drawer as you feel ashamed of your looks.

Our wedding day transformation plans are completely custom and will be based on your specific needs and body type, available both for the grooms and the brides.

Oh, and the food is on the agenda as well. An in-house certified nutrition specialist will look into your dieting and advice how to replace those biscuits with equally delicious, but healthier snacks!

What’s Included In The Wedding Tone Up Package?

  1. Free initial consultation – a no-fuss assessment of your current shape and the possible results you can achieve within the set timeframe. We’ll be realistic here. You won’t be able to lose some 15 pounds in 2 weeks or bulk up by two sizes. But, we can promise that you will still look to your best and ooze confidence with your body!
  2. Personalized training plan developed with big love for your Big Day!
  3. Personal trainer and custom locations – set the date, name the address and your personal trainer will be there for you. You can choose to train at home, outdoors or in one of our modern fitness studios in Central London.

If you have questions or would like to arrange a free initial training session, do get in touch with us! We’d be delighted to make your wedding day even more bright!

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