We are really excited to announce a brand new class: Date-ercise by Right Path Fitness London, which combines two of our biggest goals- getting fit and finding love!

Imagine a speed dating event but replace the tables with fitness zones and you’ll start to get an idea of what Date-ercise is all about! With a circuit-training style set-up, it gives you the chance to burn around 700 calories (if you work hard!) and also the chance to meet up to 12 potential love interests in one single session.

So instead of sitting at a table with a stranger and asking them ‘what are your best qualities?’ you get to see (up close and personal) just what they’re made of. You can find out a lot about someone by how they train, are they 100% determined and focused or do they take things slower and have a bit of a joke?

Having shared interests is key to strong relationships, and what better way to kick off a possible new love match but by knowing you already have one thing in common- a love of keeping your health and wellbeing in top shape!

Our new Date-ercise classes are all part of Right Path Fitness’ commitment to bringing you innovative and exciting ways to keep fit. The classes will take place at Right Path Fitness studio 20 Gravel Lane, E1 7AW on the 11th July – and as London is the singleton capital of the UK we reckon that the single guysand girls will be racing to book their slot at the very first Date-ercise class!


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