Female Personal Training

Female Personal Training – A Marriage of Knowledge and Expertise!

Hiring a personal fitness trainer London is a hugely personal decision. There has to be a “match” between you and the person you select – it’s difficult to describe, but the most important factor is comfort. You must feel totally at ease with the person you select.

The other factor in trainer selection is your trust that your choice is a well-educated expert who can design a fitness program based upon your current physical condition and your fitness goals.
For years, personal fitness training was a “man’s world.” That stereotypical wall has been shattered, as female trainers have emerged as some of the best and brightest in the profession. At  we have been able to recruit and employ some of the most experienced and respected female trainers in the business. we offer studio personal training or a mobile personal trainer in London option.

What You Can Expect from Your Female Personal Trainer at Right Path Fitness

A customized fitness program

Designed only for you, based upon your unique goals and taking into account any other factors (pregnancy, current medications, post-rehabilitation, etc.).

Focus on correct technique

Safety is always our top priority. This is why our female personal trainers come with such extensive education and training backgrounds. They will ensure that you perform each exercise properly and are getting the maximum benefit from it.

Increased motivation and interest in exercise

our personal trainer in Liverpool Street will keep you moving forward toward their goals. Your personal female trainer will continually assess your level of motivation and your mood and help you maintain a positive outlook toward exercise with suggestions, encouragement and support.

Proper diet and nutrition plans are also key to fitness

Together with our in-house nutritionist, your personal trainer will develop a monthly meal plan for you that matches your goals and that is healthy, nutritious, and that meets your dietary preferences.

You Have Options For Training

  1. One-on-one sessions regularly, until your goals are met and then set up a maintenance program thereafter.
  2. 6 or 12-week one-on-one sessions to work on specific problem areas or overall transformation
  3. Group classes at any of our locations – pick a time and place convenient for you and join now
  4. Online training programmes through Skype. These are one-on-one with your chosen trainer, and with the added benefit of support 24 hour a day.

Get the Expertise You Deserve for You Money

You will find our pricing reasonable, with options based upon your budget. The important thing is that you get the programme that is a fit for your goals, schedule and wallet. And most important – you get a trainer with exceptional expertise.

Female trainers at Right Path Fitness have the expertise you are looking for. They have full knowledge of both female and male bodies, as well as methods and techniques to impact both general fitness and specific problem areas. They are involved in continuing education, so that they stay current on new developments in fitness and diet/nutrition.

Meet our Trainers – Make a Selection

Hiring a trainer is a crucial decision. You will not stick with your programme if you are not totally comfortable with the person you hire.
At Right Path Fitness we offer you the chance to schedule a trial training session with a trainer you like before committing full time. Get to know our team and reach out to us if you have any questions!


Supercharge your training!
Professional one to one training
Tailored to your goals
No monthly commitment
Can fit around your schedule
Track record of getting the results you want


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