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Some activities are just better when done in a group – nights out in town, traveling, movies, dining out. Why? Because we are social beings who like to share experiences! While you may not think of physical training as a group activity, it really can be the perfect way to get and stay fit. Here’s what we propose at Right Path Fitness.


Physical training on your own can be a lonely activity. You can try to motivate yourself by going farther than you did two days ago, try to push yourself when it’s really hard, and try to praise yourself when you achieve a training goal.

But having others around you who encourage you, tell you that you CAN do it, and give you high-fives when you do make it, is a much stronger motivator. A support system always helps us strive to achieve more!


Physical training for personal wellness should not be a competition. For the group physical training sessions, your trainer will set a common goal e.g. weight loss or bulk up and make sure that everyone is making equal progress.

When exercising in groups, you can get a sense of what normal progress should look like, of what you may need to work on more, and of what you are obviously doing right. And if you feel you are lagging behind, Right Path fitness trainer is always there for you to discuss your needs and offer some individual tips!


Split the costs of training sessions. We encourage you to grab that friend, your mom or a cute stranger from the street and start working out together! Just be careful that the money you save is then not spent indulging in all of those junk food cravings!


There are always those funky days when we have trouble motivating ourselves. We may be dragging ourselves to our training class, wishing we were “vegging out” in front of our screens instead. But, once we get there, the energy just seems to kick in. We are around our comrades, and they pump us up along with a group trainer.

And following that class? We always have more energy and are more productive the rest of our day or evening!


Yes, we are social beings. Sharing activities and thus developing new connections and friendships is an important part of our lives. In group physical training, we find others whose interests are the same as ours, and that fosters friendships that extend outside of the classes!

Our group physical training is for anyone and everyone. It’s social. It’s motivating and it enhances your mood while keeping you fit and healthy. We keep the groups relatively small and active to make sure each participant receives enough personal attention from the trainer.

If you want these benefits and you believe that being a member of a group will keep you on track, come join our next group class! You can schedule a free trial session by contacting us via phone or email.

What you can expect

Personal fitness analysis to ensure you get the right training for your specific goals.

With our help we will drive you towards hitting your goals.

Sessions are geared towards you achieving a higher level of fitness.

Fat-loss, body-sculpting or training to bulk-up; with our expert help you stand the best possible chance of getting there.

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