Ultimate Guide to Working off Your Festive Indulgence

christmas food

  There’s a reason that gyms and PT diaries are so full in January and it is called festive indulgence. With all that lovely Christmas food on offer, we end up eating far too much and exercising far too little, then regretting it all come January and starting a diet. Instead, try our Ultimate Guide […]

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A few fitness tips for 2019 

  For many people, New year is when reality kicks in and they realise that their fitness aims have been buried at the bottom of their forgotten gym bags and their fitness levels are running on empty. I’ve worked with hundreds, of people in my career as a personal trainer and with probably every fitness […]

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10 reasons to try weight training

There’s a club in the fitness world called the weight training club and once you join it you’ll never leave. Some were inspired to become a member by watching those epic atlas stones being hefted into place on World’s Strongest Man, some were recruited by the new wave of weights classes to a funky soundtrack, […]

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The Ultimate Chest Workout for Men and Women

Bench Press Workout

If you go down to the gym today then you’re in for a big surprise ‘cos it’s not just the guys who are working away at pumping up their pecs (AKA the pectoralis major and minor), the girls are getting in on the action too. Since the dawn of time, men have wanted broad, chiselled […]

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10 Quick Diet Fixes

  When people want to improve their diets they will often go to the extreme and cut whole food groups from their diet, skip meals and eat far too few calories. This isn’t sustainable in the longer term and can even be counter-productive. If you really want to improve your diet for the long haul, […]

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Best Fitness Gifts Under £30

  Don’t you love that smug feeling when you get someone just the right gift? Finding the perfect gift though can be hard, especially if you’re spending less than £30. A good starting point is always their hobbies and interests, so if they’re into fitness, here are some of the best fitness gifts for under […]

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The benefits of In home personal training

women exercising

You can work from home, you can shop from home but one of the best things you can do from home is improve your health. Now, we’re not talking a few half-hearted push ups as you wait for your porridge to ping in the microwave, but an actual personal trainer coming to your door armed […]

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Rowing your way to fitness

 Every piece of gym equipment seems to get its moment in the spotlight, and right now it’s the humble rowing machine. But forget that rickety old rowing machine circa 2006, the new generation of machines combine both power and cardiovascular training into one workout, and even give you that ‘rowing at Henley’ vibe thanks to […]

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7 components of a healthy diet

We all know by now that we should eat a healthy diet. But like getting 8 hours of sleep a night and flossing our teeth, sometimes life just gets in the way. As personal trainers though, we’re passionate about eating healthily, not because it’s one of those things we think we should be doing (even […]

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5 Of The Hardest To Train Body Areas

body fitness

  Love handles, bingo wings, belly pouches. Even if you train regularly, you could still be looking with despair at body areas that don’t seem to be responding to your hard work. The reality is that some body areas are harder to train than others, or tend to get neglected in our training. So today, […]

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How effective Is Exercising With Sandbells?

Why should we be working out with Sandbells?     Sandbells have been around for over 5 years and make a great addition to your workout. They’re soft stretchy disc shapes that you fill with sand and can be used in many of the same ways you would use a medicine ball, kettlebell or dumbbell. […]

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Fitness Classes

13 fitness classes to try in London   Group training is still a huge trend. Whether you’re into spinning, HIIT, dance or circuits there will be a class to suit you. And if you’re lucky enough to live in London, there’s probably one going on right at the end of your street. With so many […]

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10 quick and easy fat loss tips

Quick and easy fat loss tips, do such things really exist? Actually they do. As much as losing fat is down to focus on healthy diet and regular exercise, there are many small changes that you can make to your lifestyle to give your fat loss goal an added edge. Our 10 fat loss tips […]

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6 Healthy Autumn Walks Near London

hamstead heath london

Autumn has to be the best time of the year for a good walk. It’s not too hot and not (yet!) too cold. As it’s a low impact exercise, walking is an achievable and beneficial form of exercise. Walk regularly, and you can reduce stress levels and reduce the risk of a whole host of […]

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New Gym Clothing and Trainers For Autumn

  The right gym gear is about more than looking good. Having the right trainers can give you the support you need as you run or take part in a fitness class. Wearing comfortable gear at the gym can help you to relax and participate more fully in your training. In fact, even things like […]

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6 ways to boost your gym motivation

   Ah, it was a good holiday wasn’t it? But now, September is nearly here and it’s time to set aside those sun, sea and siesta memories and get properly back into your training. But if you’re struggling to drag your mind back from happy hour and your body back from the All You Can […]

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Yoga classes to try in London

Yoga in London

   Yoga might not be a class that we offer at Right Path Fitness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise the value that yoga offers as a form of exercise. Yoga has many benefits, not least being the positive impact it can have on stress levels. It can also help us to improve posture […]

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Our 5 Best Protein bars

Protein powders are great, but what about the times when you don’t have time to make up a shake? A protein bar can be popped in your desk at work for after your lunchtime run, or kept in the car for after your workout. Here are 5 protein snacks to eat on the go.   […]

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9 Of The Best Protein Powders

Protein Drink

  We love a good protein powder here at Right Path Fitness. Protein is essential to building muscle but also for repairing tissue, and keeping skin, hair, nails and blood strong and healthy. Protein can’t be stored though so your body needs a constant supply every-day, which probably accounts for the huge popularity of protein […]

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11 natural supplements to boost fitness and wellbeing

  From increasing our sporting performance to beating bloating, we are increasingly turning to natural supplements to help us to improve our fitness and wellbeing. The dietary supplement industry is said to be worth a huge $30 billion with around a quarter of adults using herbal and botanical supplements. Here is our round up of […]

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