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Need help to finally lose that stubborn belly fat? Want to make your ABS look sexier? Need expert guidance to help you build lean muscle-mass? Make the first step towards achieving the body you crave for today by getting expert training advice and guidance through our highly-cost-effective online personal training programme! If you want all the benefits of a personal trainer but simply don’t have the time required to train in-person with one, then this programme is for you.

With highly cost-effective payments available and the added convenience of only requiring a laptop and bags of enthusiasm to make these programmes highly successful, there’s now simply no excuse for not making the changes to your body that you’ve always wanted and finally getting in the kind of shape that you’ve dreamt of! If you are a busy professional who simply can’t afford to spare the time right now to physically train in-person with a personal trainer, then our online personal training programs have been developed just for you! Get in touch with us now to find out more.

We also know a thing or two about health.

We appreciate that you might be struggling to find the time to fit regular fitness workouts into your busy schedule, or you may struggle to find a decent fitness facility located near to you where you can get the help and support that you need to keep yourself in good physical and mental condition.

But it’s worth reiterating once again the numerous benefits of maintaining a regular and effective health and fitness programme; with the following points in mind we are sure you’ll agree that it’s vital to your long-term health and well-being that you maintain some kind of regular health and fitness programme going forward –

Here’s just some of the many reasons why you can’t afford to not exercise regularly:

  • It has been proven that 120 to 150 minutes of regular fitness training sessions per week drastically reduces the risks of developing Type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Moderate obesity (BMI 30-35) can cut down your life expectancy by as much as 2-4 years, while severe obesity (BMI 40-45) can reduce your life expectancy by up to a massive years! Put simply, not exercising regularly can take years off your life!
  • Research has shown that 120 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week can reduce the risk of hip fractures by as much as 35%.
  • Evidence suggests that 130 to 150 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of developing arthritis and also helps to manage the pain often associated with conditions such as arthritis.
  • There is masses of evidence to suggest that taking part in regular fitness training can make you feel generally happier and improve your overall mood, and regular exercise has been linked to reducing the risk of developing psychological symptoms and conditions such as depression and low self-esteem.

During your online personal training programme you will be mentored and guided by none other than Right Path Fitness Owner and Head Trainer Keith McNiven – a former highly-accomplished competitive wrestler, titled sportsman and now a fully- certified personal fitness trainer who will personally develop your workout routine and monitor your progress at every stage.

Online Personal Training: is it for Me?

Our online personal training programme is a ready-to-use Fitness Action Plan that is custom-made for you, and can be utilised by you no matter where you are in the world or how much time you may have to spare to dedicate to your training on any given week. As long as you follow the instructions and guidance given to you through online channels by your dedicated personal trainer and online coach, then it’s a fabulous way for you to benefit from all the many advantages of having your own dedicated personal trainer but without the time-commitments and location-based issues that might have stopped you from benefitting from a personal training programme in the past. Welcome to a new generation of personal training that could well be just the thing you need if you have struggled to find suitable personal training in the past.

On the programme your workouts are personalized to your body-type, daily activity levels and with your specific fitness goals in mind. No matter what your ultimate goal might be – whether it’s to blast away stubborn bodyfat, to build muscles faster or to simply just just tone up – whatever your aim we are able to tailor an online personal training programme to your specific needs.

Your plan will be packed with a range of tried and tested exercises only, and will include full guidance on all rep ranges and number of sets of each exercise that you should perform. Nothing is left to chance, but of course if you need to ask further questions or get more clarification on something, then you have full 24/7 online support to assist you at all times.

As an added bonus, your online personal training plan will also include an exclusive secret workout routine developed by the Right Path team, that has been specially designed by the team to crank up the fat-burning process as much as possible for you and boost your metabolic rate as much as possible. Whilst we can’t openly give away all the details of this fat-burning secret here, it’s all down to an incredible 48-hour after-burn effect that takes place as a result of the special form of training that we have developed. We would love for you to try this for yourself and experience the amazing results that this form of training can bring you.

Unlimited Support and Motivation. Got a burning question in the middle of the night or early in the morning? No worries, we offer 24/7 email support during the whole online training program.

Schedule a video Skype call at the most convenient time for you. We’ll assess your progress, discuss current and new training techniques that are available and will make modifications to your plan on an ongoing basis, as and when needed.

Here’s the deal that we offer you with this programme- you can always count on us and we will be there for you any time, day and night, in order to give you the best possible chance you can have of achieving your health and fitness goals. When you are on this plan, your health and fitness is as important to us as it is for you – which is why we will go out of our way to make sure that you get all the help, guidance and support that you need – every step of the way!

Healthy and highly-nutritious personalized diet plan. Depending on your current shape and goals, we’ll craft a monthly meal plan for you that contains all the nutrition that you need and helps support your training in the best possible way.

Delicious and healthy. We believe passionately that the food that you eat should not only be nutritious and healthy, but should also be tasty and enjoyable for you – which is why we will tailor your personal eating plan specifically to include the foods and ingredients you tell us you do like – and just as importantly avoid all the foods that you can’t stand! What’s more, we fullt understand that all the recipes and meals that we include in your personal diet plan have to be easy, convenient and highly accessible for you to source and cook – which is why we never include any foods that are hard for you to find in your location or difficult for you to cook based on the level of skill and experience in the kitchen that you have!

We provide you with a variety of healthy meal options all of which have all the calorie content and macronutrients for each meal fully calculated and listed for your convenience! This enables you to fully monitor and take control of your diet and empowers you to consistently make the right food choices that are going to help you enormously in developing the kind of body and levels of health and fitness that you are seeking.

If you have any further questions or want any more information regarding our online personal training programmes then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message via the contact form below.

Let’s start improving your health together!

Who is my Trainer?

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Personal Trainer

  • Awards: 6
  • British & National Champion
  • Experience: 10+ years

What you can expect

Fitness Analysis

Personal fitness analysis to ensure you get the right training for your specific goals.

Motivation to achieve more

With our help we will drive you towards hitting your goals.

Improved Performance

Sessions are geared towards you achieving a higher level of fitness.

Your Goals. Achieved.

Fat-loss, body-sculpting or training to bulk-up; with our expert help you stand the best possible chance of getting there.

What are the costs?

Online Personal Training
£100 / month
  • Personalised training programme
  • Personalised diet plan
  • Skype video calls to discuss training plan, techniques, issues etc
  • 24/7 email support

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