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Why Online Personal training?


Need to lose that stubborn belly fat? need expert guidance to help you build lean muscle-mass? Make the first step towards achieving the body you crave for today by getting expert training advice and guidance through our highly-cost-effective online personal training programme! If you want all the benefits of a personal trainer but simply don’t have the time required to train in-person with one, then online personal training is for you.

With highly cost-effective payments available and the added convenience of only requiring a laptop and bags of enthusiasm to make these programmes highly successful, there’s now simply no excuse for not making the changes to your body that you’ve always wanted and finally getting in the kind of shape that you’ve dreamt of! If you are a busy professional who simply can’t afford to spare the time right now to physically train in-person with a personal trainer, then our online personal training programs have been developed just for you! Get in touch with us now to find out more.




What you can expect

Fitness Analysis

Personal fitness analysis to ensure you get the right training for your specific goals.

Motivation to achieve more

With our help we will drive you towards hitting your goals.

Improved Performance

Sessions are geared towards you achieving a higher level of fitness.

Your Goals. Achieved.

Fat-loss, body-sculpting or training to bulk-up; with our expert help you stand the best possible chance of getting there.

What are the costs?

Online Personal Training
£125 / month
  • Personalised training programme
  • Personalised Nutrition plan with correct macros
  • Monthly 45 minute Skype video calls to discuss training plan, techniques, issues etc
  • 24/7 email support

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