About Right Path Fitness

Founder Keith Mcniven

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Personal Trainer

  • British & National Champion
  • Experience: 18+ years

We are a premium Personal Trainer company that is committed to working with people like you who want to improve their health and fitness.  Any Personal Trainer that works for us be it taking classes or Personal Training has to be proven with many years experience with a strong athletic background and proven client results.

Right Path Founder Keith Mcniven who is originally from Leeds, moved to London in 2010 to follow his passion for all things health and fitness. Keith has been involved in sports & training for over 18 years, and is a highly accomplished freestyle wrestler – previously winning both British & English Championship titles.  Keith decided after several successful years personal training that he wanted to put together a world class team of fitness trainers to support him in getting people into the best possible shape.

We understand that there are a whole host of personal trainers out there waiting to try and work with you, so what makes us different?

The main reason that you should consider trying us out is that we are consciously very results orientated and everything that we do is about working with you to set realistic and achievable targets that will challenge you but also be very rewarding to you when you meet them – we are able to show you many examples of clients that we’ve worked with who have achieved amazing results – and we’re looking to work together with you to do the same for you – no exceptions! We will work with you from day one to firstly identify your specific goals and targets, but also to learn as much as we can about your specific preferences, your exercise history, and the reasons why you want to make a definitive change in your level of health and fitness – from an emotional level!

We want to understand you as a unique individual and the specific drivers that you have for wanting to work with a personal trainer to create this change– this is the really powerful stuff and the thing that is going to enable you to work with us to get you the kind of amazing results that you never thought possible prior to starting a training programme with us!

If you train with us you also get access to our exclusive private studio in a prime location in the heart of Liverpool Street – this is important for you as when you train with us everything is based on results, and we feel strongly that you can only achieve truly amazing results in the most efficient time possible if all the equipment that you need is ready to go right when you need it, if the environment and atmosphere where you conduct your training sessions is perfect for you (you can choose your own music and set-up equipment exactly how you like it), and if you are able to focus wholeheartedly on what you are doing without unnecessary distraction – all of which is very unlikely to be the case if you are not training in a private studio facility such as ours.

The other thing that will be of enormous benefit to you about working with Right Path is our levels of flexibility – we will tailor a training programme to your specific needs – and will work with you at your home or in a local park if you prefer – at the specific times that are most convenient for you – it’s all about getting the job done and getting the results that you are seeking – no matter what! You will find that we are very accommodating and will go out of our way to make sure that each and every one of your workouts is as productive and satisfying as possible – this keeps you more driven and motivated to push yourself further than you ever thought possible.

You are also able to tap into a huge resource of knowledge and experience once you are working with us, as we have a wide range of various trainers that form part of our team that together have specialist knowledge in all forms of fitness training, including fat loss, muscle toning and building, athletic performance, martial arts and sports science.

If you are going to work with a personal trainer to set amazing personal fitness goals for yourself and achieve them in the shortest possible time, then you’re going to need a highly knowledgeable and experienced team around you for support. That’s where we come in, and it’s the reason that you should train with Right Path Fitness!