Health and fitness is extremely important to us at Right Path Fitness and we deliver expert personal training in Bank Area. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional programme of fitness while being supportive and motivational to help you reach your goals.

From fat loss through to muscle building and tips on nutrition and diet, our expert coaches have the skills and expertise to offer comprehensive advice on all things fitness. Led by our Head Coaches Keith and Tamas, Right Path Fitness is committed to providing a whole range of programmes to suit the requirements of our clients.

Whether you want your personal training at home, in the park or at a studio, we develop a programme to suit you. We aim to place clients at the forefront of all of our fitness programmes and personal training in Bank and we strive to deliver the very best.

Embarking on a fitness programme doesn’t have to be difficult; why not book in a free consultation today with one of our skilled personal trainers?

Personal Training In Bank Area Plans


One to one personal training sessions. No fixed contract, pay as you go training.
  • Hourly one to one session bookings
  • Pay as you go personal training or buy in blocks
  • Benefits of a PT on your terms
£ 54 per years
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Petrsobal training in London with a man


A 6 week one to one programme to get in shape & boost fitness.
  • 3 or 4 sessions per week
  • Diet program included
  • Tailor made program
£ 180/per Weeks
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woman is doing squats with personal trainer


A 12 week one to one programme for a new you.
  • 3 or 4 sessions per week
  • Diet program included
  • Tailor made training program
£ 180/per Weeks
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London PT


High intensity, one to one fitness session for rapid gains.
  • One to one session
  • 30 minute high intensity work out
  • Great for fitness & fat loss
£ 34/per Years
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Train with friends whilst benefiting from a Personal Trainer
  • Tailored sessions towards a team goal
  • Outdoor or indoor training
  • Great discounts available for groups.
£ 25/per Days
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A great way to get the benefits of a personal trainer at a reduced cost
  • Personalised training programme
  • One to one Skype video calls to guide you
  • 24/7 support
£ 100/per Months
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"I took a 6-week transformation plan with Right Path Fitness and I had 3 sessions per week which were amazing I lost around 8 kgs and now I am 52 kgs which was my target goal I couldn’t be happier!"
Client testimonial
DIANA Translator | 25 Yr Old
"I have trained with Right Path Fitness team since September 2015 and have got into the best shape of my life i highly recommend that you sign up with the team you wont be disappointed!
Client testimonial picture.
Roger | 25 Yr Old
"We wanted to get in shape for our upcoming wedding and with Keith’s focused training we hit that goal and went past it. It’s been an incredible experience to feel stronger and fitter than ever and push past our own expectations of our abilities."
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NEIL & NADINE  | 30 & 34 Yr Old
"As a former athlete, I was a bit sceptical about going to a trainer. But Right Path showed me there’s always more to learn, and most importantly for me helped frame a structure and discipline around my fitness which I realise had been lacking. And I’m seeing the results. Best investment I made in myself in the past few years!"
Client face picture
Gibson  | 45 Yr Old
"With a busy work and family life, I never thought I had time to devote to fitness. But Keith from Right Path showed me how to fit exercise into my routine and helped me get to where I want to be. In a short space of time, I started to see results – and am enjoying the experience! Keith is a supportive, knowledgeable trainer, and I’d recommend him to anyone."
Client testimonial
Vicky  | 30 Yr Old
"When I met with Keith I was worried about training, as I felt I had failed many times before. Keith helped me understand what was missing from my routine, and as we train, continues to teach me about how each exercise is benefiting me and how my diet also plays a great role As well as being motivating and constantly enthusiastic, he is great at picking me up when I’m slacking and reminding me of the progress I have made already"
Client picture
JONATHAN | 29 Yr Old
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