Get To Know The Most Effective Personal Trainer in Hackney and Bethnal Green!

Right Path Fitness is a result-driven personal training company providing training at fitness studios in Hackney and Bethnal Green. Our dedicated team is continuously setting the new benchmarks in personal transformations within 6 to 12 weeks.

Right Path, we hire the most dedicated, compassionate and result-oriented professionals with respective certifications, education and a baggage of personal sports achievements. Marathon participants, national-level competition winners, former professional athletes and the friendliest health buffs – that’s how you can describe our amazing staff.

So if you are looking for a personal trainer in Hackney or Bethnal Green who can guarantee you tangible results within the set period, schedule a demo session with us! No commitment fees or contract required.  

What We Offer?

  • A free initial consultation to assess your current shape and talk over your fitness goals and nutrition.
  • You can choose to train at one of our modern studios, your favorite park or even your own flat.
  • You’ll receive a detailed personalized training plan – easy-to-follow, realistic and custom-made based on your ultimate health goals.

Why We Dare To Call Ourselves The Best Personal Trainers in Hackney and Bethnal Green

Whether your goal is to lose some fat after giving birth, bulk up and gain muscle strength for the upcoming sports events or merely give your body the look it truly deserves, our dedicated team will help you reach that goal. Period.

We’ll encourage you to continue training, work together on your diet and meal plan, help avoid the common gym injuries and eagerly look forward to the upcoming training session! With our expert help, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to achieve your health goals. No drills or grueling training sessions – we’ll give you just enough exercise to make you feel comfortable, fresh and fit!

We are not about the latest fads. Our personal trainers choose the tested and tried methods. Yet, we are obsessed with improving and developing all our programs even further to ensure our clients always get the results they aim for.

All of our personal trainers both talk the talk and walk the walk. We will never recommend any physical routines that we haven’t personally tried. Our personal trainers have respective degrees in sports sciences, industry’s certifications and we regularly attend further studies to develop our expertise even further.

Get in touch today to find out more. Call Keith on 0207 3661 384 / 07426 031400 or send an email using the contact box.  Shoreditch Personal Trainer Studio 

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