10 Best Cross Fit Gyms in London



Cross fit is a kind of high-intensity fitness program consisting of functional movements. These are not new or strange movements but familiar day-to-day actions that you perform such as pushing, squatting, or pulling. Most of the workouts utilize varied squats, weight lifting, and push-ups aimed at building muscles for a predetermined amount of time. With the risk of injuring yourself at Crossfit, it is important to choose the best coach at the best gym. This article will help you identify the ten best cross-fit gyms in London.

1. CrossFit North London

Among London's largest CrossFit centers is CrossFit North London. It is located in North London near Crouch End. Conditioning sessions and group strength are the main areas of focus here.  Its founders, Sarra and Gerard train on various CrossFit including weight lifting levels 1, level 2,  endurance coaching, movement, and mobility.  Lifestyle training, core training, full nutrition, prenatal training, postnatal training, and other pieces of training are also offered here. Their classes include workouts, yoga, foundation classes, and an open gym that can be used any time. An unlimited membership fee of £180 is charged monthly.

2. Royal Docks CrossFit

This is another great CrossFit gym in London. It is in East London near Excel Centre. This gym is smart, with great equipment and nice flooring. Their coaching is outstanding and the coaches are knowledgeable. It is very clean, the people are friendly, and the attention is personalized. You will have a great experience by subscribing to this gym's unlimited monthly membership.

3. CrossFit Central London

CrossFit Central London is located between London Bridge and Waterloo stations. If you are coming from the southern side of Tate Modern or Southwark tube, a four-minute walk will land you here. If you are coming from Borough tube or Blackfriars station, ten minutes will be enough to get you here. Before you can get started in this gym, the coaches take their time to know you, your training history, and your goals. This helps in determining what option is best for you. For any genre or range of fitness, this gym has got you. Its sessions range from beginner classes, personal training, element classes, foundation training to Olympic weight lifting. The team here is very friendly.

4. CrossFit Wandsworth

This CrossFit gym is quite warm. The team here is welcoming and very friendly. Always there to assist. Most people find a family in this gym. £200 is charged monthly for an unlimited membership. And if you are also traveling, remember this CrossFit gym accepts drop-ins.

5. CrossFit Perpetua London

This one is centrally and conveniently located at Chelsea Bridge. It is a world-class box dedicated to strength and conditioning as well. To get started here, you will be required to attend a Fundamentals training session. After this, you will be free to move to personal training or exercise classes for groups. Classes here begin at 06:00 and end at 19:30. Their gym is filled with great gym equipment that you can use any time of the day.

6. Prince Regent CrossFit

If you are looking for an affordable CrossFit gym in London, then Prince Regent CrossFit is the right place. It is located in an affordable location. Having been founded in 2017, it is one of the fastest-growing CrossFit gyms in London. Its unlimited monthly membership fee is £139. It is also known to accept drop-ins thus covering travelers too.

7. Gym 1971 Stratford.

This gym offers various classes. Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and high-intensity CrossFit are offered in just one space. Its team is lovely and lively with fantastic vibes. It is well equipped with gym equipment, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly coaches, and a cool environment. Its unlimited monthly membership fee is £165.

8. CrossFit Hammersmith

If there is anything that makes the CrossFit program complete, it is found at CrossFit Hammersmith. There is a very friendly team here made up of five trainers. They do not just introduce beginners to the methods but also push their experienced members to the best level according to their abilities. Here, you have different options such as a drop-in class costing £15 per class, a silver membership, or a gold membership that allows you to use the open gym and classes. Their classes include gymnastics, weight lifting, sweaty workouts, cardio, and much more. If you are looking for fitness, strength, and some fun on top, choose CrossFit Hammersmith.

9. Pro Mai MMA Academy

This one is not just a CrossFit gym. On top of Olympic weight lifting, Pro Mai MMA Academy also offers training in martial arts. You will find this awesome gym at Feltham, Middlesex. All necessary equipment is available here with about 20 different weekly classes. You are free to join these classes or make use of the well-equipped gyms, weight stations, and weights.

10. CrossFit Evolving

Starting your fitness journey here is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Established in 2011, this gym has continued to grow significantly every year. Their facilities are excellently high standard, their coaches friendly and programs are aimed at meeting their members' needs. The coaches try their best to understand each member's goals, guiding their training and patiently helping them to achieve these goals, one step at a time. Each day, from 06:00-22:00 hours, you will find this great place open and ready to help you achieve your fitness goals. Their motivation will keep you going.


There are many more CrossFit gyms in London. Many more may also end up being established. However, not each of them can be suitable for every person. The best CrossFit in and out of London is always characterized by great facilities including fully equipped gyms. The coaches are also friendly, welcoming, and ready to help each individual meet their personal goals. The programs are also varied to cater to a wide range of people who might be looking to accomplish different results. When all is said and done, a great CrossFit gym should at least make you strong, fit, and awesomely confident.Go and find the best CrossFit gym near you!

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