10 Best Massage Therapists in London



Massage therapy has been used for many years to manage different health conditions as well as enhance wellness. This involves the manipulation of a person's body's soft tissues. Throughout human history, massage therapy has been widely used to relieve pain. People experiencing different types of pain such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches have had their pain melt away with a simple massage. Getting the right massage therapy from professional and licensed therapists is known for lowering stress, managing pain, improving physical fitness, boosting mental health, and increasing immune function. In the busy city of London, long working hours strain and stress people. To manage this, massage therapy at the right place can restore your energy levels, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. But who are the best massage therapists in this city? Here are our 10 best massage therapists in London, in no particular order.

1. Ben Pianese

This therapist understands that stress, both physical and mental, is part and parcel of life. They specialize in mental pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sports performance, muscular stress, mind, and body balance as well as improving your concentration. With over 19 years of experience, this is the best massage therapist in London offering incredible value for your money. He works with children, athletes, and sportswomen.

2. Flavia Morellato

Everyone looking for a functional massage in London ought to think of Flavia Morellato. His massage method, popularly known as lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention on top of de-bloating.  Your lymph glands are stimulated using long and rhythmic strokes leading the flow back into your circulatory system. Excess water and toxins are then flushed out leaving you lighter. You will achieve better and long-term results by frequently visiting Flavia Morellato's massage therapist.

3. Como Shambhala Urban Escape

If you are looking for a powerful and quieting sensation for your meddlesome mind, the Como Shambhala massage at Como Shambhala Urban Escape is the best. This place is known for welcoming all visitors with ginger tea and broad smiles that speak wellness from the word go. Their therapies are focused on the face and body. Their treatment rooms (six in number), are peaceful and suitable for anyone looking for peace and comfort away from the city’s pressures. They are open for 24 hours every day.

4. The Refinery

Deep tissue massage therapy is offered at the Refinery. Every experience here is professional and comfortable. Their grooming area is classy. You will be given full attention after their full-body body consultation. Your therapist listens to all your pains and aches, whether real or imaginary, and then examines you. The entire session is tailored to meet the client's needs. Every part of your body comes to life with this attention, and it might just be the kind of love you need.

5. Jivita Ayurveda

Are you looking for a balance between your body, mind, and spirit? The unique Ayurveda massage inspired by the Hindus medical system promotes that. It is small yet always professional. Their treatments include full-body massages, oil massage, foot massage, back massage, Indian head massage, mini facial, pregnancy massage, and many, many more. Ayurveda offers a wide range of products and services including food items, body treatments, beauty treatments, gift items, and health consultations. If you intend to achieve some balance, give Jivita Ayurveda massage therapists a try!

6. Four Seasons Spa

Different specialty massages are offered by this massage therapist. They are aimed at restoring and rejuvenating you. Their goal is to help their clients achieve ultimate wellness. The treatments here are soothing, relaxing, loosen stiffness, and release tension from your head to toe. Their signature experiences help achieve emotional clarity, mental harmony, and physical health. Also, the view here is perfect for your sessions as this spa is located on the tenth floor.

7. Lush Spa

Located in Oxford Street, this is another great massage therapist to consider. You will never visit this spa and not desire to go back. On top of offering great massage services, both their staff and prices are friendly.  If you are looking for a great and affordable massage therapist, some entertainment a few theatrics, this is your go-to massage therapist.

8. The Corinthia SW1A

With this massage therapist, your skin can be scrubbed, your muscles can be worked out and your energy can be balanced. Sounds great, right? If you want to float on a cloud of relaxation, the Corinthia Hotel helps you obtain it with its luxurious treatments. Their massage therapists are experienced, thus experts in their trade. Their products are of high quality and smell nice, making your massage experience at the Corinthia Hotel memorably exciting.

9. W London, W1D

This spa is located within the W London Leicester Square Hotel. In collaboration with Neom Organics, this massage therapist offers a new kind of massage treatment to members of the public and the hotel's guests. Their massage combines different therapies such as Thai massage, trigger point, meditation, Cranio, and reflexology. The treatments are 30, 60, and 90 minutes. After a long working day, a massage here with natural fragrances and the therapist's tender touch will leave you quite relaxed. You will sleep well and be more productive the next day.

10. St Pancras Spa, NW1

If you are thinking of taking some time out of your busy station, this is the best massage therapist for you. It is unique with nine awesome massage types that include muscle release, hot stone, de-stress, and many more. Their treatment rooms are intimate. Their lighting is soft, and their beds softer. Their Aromatherapy is the signature massage here. It is heavily scented, slow-paced, and soothing to soften your shoulders and calm your mental state.

Bottom Line

A good massage after a long day of work or following some pain, aches, or health conditions is sometimes all you need to feel relaxed, mentally okay, physically fit, and emotionally well. You probably didn't know this but trying it will make it real. It is okay to love yourself a little more by finding the best massage therapist for your concerns. The relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being that comes from a single massage session will make a significant difference. A massage is great gift for a loved one, And if you are in London, you know where to get it!

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