10 Best Pilates Studios In London



What is Pilates:

In this modern age where everyone is conscious about maintaining weight and fitness Pilates is a different and effective method to maintain health and fitness. Pilates not only maintains physical health but also plays an important role in maintaining mental functions.

  Pilates is a kind of exercise that focuses on physical fitness and muscular strength. It is also recommended to get a flexible body by using specially designed tools.

Useful aspects of Pilates:

Ø  Develops a high level of concentration.

Ø  Strengthens your abdominal muscles, and muscles of your hips and buttocks.

Ø  relieves you from mental stress and anxiety

Ø  Stabilize your spinal cord

Ø  Helps to Restore your health after injuries

Methods of Pilates:

Pilates can be done in two ways

§  Using mats

§  Using equipment

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of Pilates, its mental and health benefits. Carry on reading the article to know about the best Pilates studios in London.

Top 10 Pilates Studios In London:

in no particular order.

1.   Exhale Pilates Lndon:

Ø  Exhale Pilates London is one of the top-rated Pilates studios in London. You can join classes according to your need and budget. They also offer Private Sessions.

Ø  One session charges 80 pounds for one person.

Ø  Charges for five private sessions are 400 pounds.

Ø  Duets classes are also offered which charge 60 pounds to one person.

You can also attend online classes on ZOOM.

Where charges for one class are 15 pounds but if you want to attend 10 classes then charges for one class are 10 dollars.

You can also learn more about their monthly memberships and new client offers on their website.

2.   Core Pilates Studios:

Core Kensington is also one of the popular Pilates studios among people. This studio has only four reformer beds. If you join this studio then every move will be noticed. The teachers are well-trained and polite.

They offer group classes and private classes. They guarantee a changed body within thirty sessions. Their studio is equipped with advanced pieces of types of equipment and tools.  If you join this studio then you will have the option to choose a class according to your level.

Ø  Basic level

Ø  Intermediate level

Ø  Advanced level

Ø  Open level

If you want to join this studio visit their website for online booking at Core Kensington or Core Windsor.

3.   Ten Health and Fitness:

This studio is among the best studio focusing on well-being and fitness. The environment of the studio is very friendly and comfortable. They have won six THE TATTLER GYM AWARDS.” They have studios in Notting Hill, Hatton Garden, and Chiswick.

They offer group and private classes. If you want to join your studio you can visit their site to check out more about monthly passes and price per class.

4.   Frame Studios:

Frame studios offer three beginner classes before attending reformer Pilates classes for mind and body. They focus on body postures and flexibility.

You can get unlimited fitness videos by paying 6 pounds per month. They offer classes of Forty-Five minutes daily. Check out their timetable on their website.

5.   Blok:

They offer classes to increase mental and physical health. They offer classes from beginner level to advance level. You can also join online classes with 14 days free trial and after that, you can get:

Ø  Online monthly membership for 20 pounds per month

Ø  Online annual membership for 10 pounds per month

6.   The Refinery

The best offer is that you can take classes online or in the studios at cheaper rates.

They are offering first-class for 6 pounds in-studio or online. The Refinery studio offers different packages starting from 12 pounds to 35 pounds.

7.   Pilates HQ:

Pilates HQ is considered to be one of the best Pilates studios. By signing up on their website you will get free first class.

They offer Peak classes throughout the week for 25 pounds per class.

Off-Peak classes are offered within just 22 pounds.

If you want to join this studio go and check their site or visit this studio to know more about their packages, classes, and timetable.

8.   The Garuda Studio:

The Garuda Studio is light and airy. They focus on concentration for physical and mental health. They offer group and private classes. To get more information regarding class time tables check out their website or approach them directly.

Online training sessions are also available at reasonable prices.

9.   The Movement Studio:

The Movement Studio offers both mat Pilates and Equipment based Pilates. You can book your one-to-one intro class just for 70 pounds and mat-based Pilates classes for 16 pounds.

The schedule is available on their website.

10.        Tempo Pilates:

Tempo Pilates is a great studo. Instructors and other staff greet you whole heartily. They offer online classes with your favorite trainer. They have various offers also available on their websites.

The price of a 1off peak class is 20 pounds.Beginners can buy their first class just for 15 pounds.


This article highlights the best Pilates Studios in London. You can join your favorite Pilate studio as a beginner for basic classes or advanced classes. Hopefully, this article will help choose the Pilate studio that is suitable for you regarding location and prices.

But make sure that you go and check out their websites before making any decision. Choose classes that are suitable for your routine and schedule.

This method of physical fitness is gaining popularity among people as it is fruitful and entertaining. You can see a change in the body within a short period. Another reason for its popularity is that it is not harmful and you do not have to undergo heavy diets to maintain fitness and figure. It is two in one for those people who want relaxation and fitness at the same time.

Finding the best studio for you is not difficult just choose one that is near to you with good instructors. You can also take a free trial class to choose which studio is best for you. .

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