10 Best Running Clubs in London



When it comes to running, its definitely beneficial to have some company to chat with, encourage you, and push you to do your best. This is your accountability partner. If you are in London, you’ll find some awesome running clubs for your running. Here are our 10 best running clubs in London that you will never go wrong with:

1. London City Runners

This club is not only the largest running club in London but also free. Its history dates back to the year 2010 when just about six members would meet and run just around the capital. Today, this club has hundreds of members holding three running sessions per week. It remains free, very friendly, and open to everyone. The goal here is not just to get fit, but to enjoy doing so regardless of your running speed.  If you are a new runner, this club will guide you through the three free weekly runs and a recurrent ten-week couch-to-5K course.  You will be able to run 5, 6, or 10 KM on Tuesdays and an interval session on Thursdays. A long run is held on Sundays starting at both 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. The runs begin and end at their clubhouse, which also serves as a base for other runners in and out of London.  This club is welcoming, conveniently located, andof course worth joining.

2. Adidas Runners

Sessions or meetings in this club are held frequently in London, four times a week. On Monday evenings is a run starting from Southwark. It mostly involves some kind of intervals. A longer run is held on Saturday mornings starting from Exmouth Market. Two women runs are also held every week. Flexibility and strength are areas focused on during the club's weekly sessions. If you join this club, it might just give you an opportunity to try the all-time favorite running gear by Adidas.

3. Run Dem Crew

This club's membership is over 500. This is probably because members here don't just run. They also party, travel then run again, party, and travel some more and the cycle continues. It was founded by Charlie Dark- a poet, writer, and renowned DJ in 2007. He aimed at encouraging people to run, explore London, and exchange ideas. Their sessions are held in various locations starting at 7 pm, and the membership is free.

4. Digme Running Club

This is another free running club to consider in London. It is based in Rathbone Square at its a gym. Here, there is a weekly run starting at 6:30 PM on Mondays. Booking is not necessary, you just need to show up and do what brought you here- run. This club's runs are usually led by the trainers who will help you improve in running as well as answer your running questions.

5. Park Run

This club is different and unique in its own ways. Most of the other running clubs in London offer training runs. However, this one provides a platform for testing your training. Every week, this running club organizes a free and timed run each Saturday at 9 am in London and across the entire country. Anyone is welcome to this very friendly and free club. This club appreciates everyone who can run, walk, jog or volunteer, making it one of the best running clubs in London.

6. London Frontrunners

Weekly runs are held at the London Frontrunners running club. This club is inclusive as it welcomes the LGBT community and gay-friendly folks. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their gender, abilities, sex, or sexual orientation. It was formed in the year 1995 and has a membership of over 500 people. No matter your pace, fitness level, or preferred running distance, you will always find other members in this club to train or run with.  And ooh, you do not just run in this club, but run in the most beautiful parks in London. They include Victoria Park, Greenwich Park, and Hyde Park.

7. Lazy Girl Running Club

This is a female-only community of runners found in North London. It is suitable for both beginners and improvers in running. Complete beginners have a ten-week course covering 0-5 kilometers. If you had taken a break from running, the beginner course is also good for you. Runners here start running slowly and also gradually until they can do 5km. Improvers sessions help runners to get faster as well as fitter.

8. Onetrak Run Club

This club holds track running sessions on Monday evenings. Anthony Fletcher leads them. Here, all runners are always within sight. Beginners, therefore, do not get lost and everyone is welcome.

9. Rise & Run Club

Charlie Watson leads a monthly run in this club every first Tuesday of each month. Regardless of your abilities, you are welcome to this warm club that gives you 45 minutes to complete a 5kilometer run.

10. Tribe Tempo

This club's sessions dubbed Tribe Tuesday are held every Tuesday from 6:30 pm on different routes in London. All proceeds in this club are channeled to Tribe Freedom Foundation that helps in fighting modern slavery.

Bottom Line

Running is great for your cardiovascular health. With all the available running clubs in London, you cannot afford to run alone. Find the best running club near you and join. On top of keeping fit, finding an accountable partner and people who push you, you will also make friends who also have a passion for running.

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