Quick and easy fat loss tips, do such things really exist? Actually they do. As much as losing fat is down to focus on healthy diet and regular exercise, there are many small changes that you can make to your lifestyle to give your fat loss goal an added edge. Our 10 fat loss tips won’t take much time, and are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

1) Eat more vegetables. We tend to stick to the same vegetables day in and day out like tomatoes at lunchtime or broccoli at dinner time but lack of variety leads to boredom and a tendency to pad out your plate with other unhealthier items. When you increase the variety of vegetables, you’ll eat more of them which is good for your fat loss goal.

2) Get skipping. If you’ve not skipped since you were a kid, it’s time to give this brilliant exercise another go. 10 minutes of skipping burns around 125 calories- more than a fast run. Add in skipping to your usual training regime to increase the fat burn.

3) Choose lean. Meat that is. Some foods are more effective at helping us to blitz the fat and lean meat is one of them. Eating lean meat like chicken or turkey breast or diced pork helps you to burn more calories because they take more energy for the body to digest than other foods.

4) Get a fit buddy. Relationships aren’t usually great news for fat loss- blame the box sets and munchies! But if you find a partner who is into fitness then it can help both of you to stick to a healthier lifestyle- and dump the fat. Date-ercise is our new class combining dating with exercise where you get the chance to train with other singletons, first class 10th October 2018.

5) Kick start your metabolism. To lose fat, you need to help your body to become more effective at burning the calories that you consume. Your metabolism can slow down as you age, and also if you’ve been restricting your diet too much. You can give your metabolism a kick start with a black coffee in the morning and by adding some slices of fresh ginger to hot water to drink through the day.

6) Know your times. To achieve your goal, you should be training 3-4 times per week for around 45 minutes. That’s the optimum for fat loss. If you’re doing less, then you’ll need to up your exercise. Just remember to switch things up with different workouts, if not, you’ll get bored and quit.

7) Eat more fibre. When you’re trying to lose fat, it’s important to make sure that you have enough fibre in your diet. Fibre helps you to stay full for longer, so you’ll be less likely to snack after your meals. Go for foods like oats, beans and wholegrain bread.

8) Target the tummy. One of the major areas to store fat is around the middle, and whilst it isn’t usually possible to spot reduce fat, the middle is one area that really responds to fat loss training. As well as the usual crunches, add in planks too.

9) Resist. The best fat loss exercise regimes include cardio training AND resistance training, doing either one in isolation isn’t the most effective means of blasting fat. So if you’re doing 3 training sessions a week, make sure that 1 is weights. If you’re doing 4 sessions, then make half of them weights.

10) Warm up. A lot of people will skip a warm up and get straight into the main action. But when you warm up, you’re warming up your muscles which means they will be more effective and help you to burn more calories. Start by warming up your neck, down to arms, back and legs.

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