From increasing our sporting performance to beating bloating, we are increasingly turning to natural supplements to help us to improve our fitness and wellbeing. The dietary supplement industry is said to be worth a huge $30 billion with around a quarter of adults using herbal and botanical supplements. Here is our round up of 11 natural supplements to boost fitness and wellbeing in no particular order.

1.The Tumeric Co. We often think of inflammation as a type of swelling following from injury, but cellular inflammation can also be happening inside your body without you even realising and is often caused by poor diet. Anti-inflammatory medicine is the usual prescription, but many look for more natural alternatives. International footballer Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu developed The Tumeric Co. shots which harness the natural anti inflammatory power of turmeric. Each 60ml shot contains 5 grams of fresh turmeric and is said to boost the immune system, fight common colds and reduce cellular inflammation. www.theturmeric.co

2.Sun Chlorella: Running is the second most popular exercise in the UK (after walking) and runners are always looking for new natural supplements to boost performance as they pound the pavements. Studies have suggested that green algae supplement chlorella could be effective in improving runners’ performance. Sun Chlorella offers both granule and tablet versions of the supplement. www.sunchlorella.co.uk

3.Neuro Rest: Many of us suffer with disturbed sleep, whether that’s trouble getting to sleep or staying there. Difficulty nodding off can be caused by many things, but sleeplessness over any length of time can really affect our quality of life. Utmost Me’s Neuro Rest is a natural sleep aid product made with 100% whole food extracts and is designed to calm the mind, body and nervous system. www.utmostme.com

4.Collagen Shots: The protein collagen works inside our bodies repairing and rebuilding tissues, but after we hit 25, our collagen production falls by 1.5% each year. By the time we’re 45, our collagen levels could be down around 30% which we might see through creaky joints as well as increased lines and wrinkles. Collagen Shots are natural supplement combining 10,000mg of collagen with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, and are said to benefit the skin, hair, nails and digestive system. www.rejuvenated.co.uk

5.Digest Gold. 1 in 4 of us Brits suffer with digestive issues like bloating and acid reflux which is said to be down to our reliance on processed and cooked foods. The ideal solution is to eat less processed food and more food in its natural state, like raw vegetables, which are full of digestive enzymes. But there are also natural supplements like Digest, a digestive enzyme formula, which can help in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, fibre and protein. visit www.enzymedica.co.uk

6.Natural Nutrients Vanilla Whey Protein. The sports protein market is said to be worth around £8bn a year, but more and more now people are looking for natural alternatives. Natural Nutrients Vanilla Whey Protein was developed by a former Personal Trainer, Liam Sheriff, as a ‘clean’ protein supplement with no artificial fillers, bulkers, flavourings or sweeteners. With 100% natural ingredients, a 30g serving contains 24g of whey protein isolate. www.naturalnutrients.co.uk

7.Spatone: Around 23% of us that go for a blood test will be told we have an iron deficiency. If you’re deficient in iron then you’re likely to be tired and lethargic and may even suffer with heart palpitations. You can increase iron levels by eating more green leafy veg, meat and fortified cereals. Supplement wise, Spatone is a natural liquid iron supplement which comes from the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia. The little sachets of naturally iron rich water can be drunk directly or added to a drink.  www.spatone.com

8.Bimuno: 60% of our immunity actually lies in the gut, and when your gut is healthy it impacts on your overall wellbeing. Bimuno is a natural daily prebiotic supplement that is said to boost immunity, improve mood and alleviate bloating by encouraging the growth of good bacteria. It can be added to drinks or food, with a promise of restoring balance in the gut in 7 days.  www.bimuno.com

9.Vitality Beetroot Juice: Cycling is both brilliant exercise and a highly competitive sport where every second counts! A study with cyclists found that a single serving of beetroot juice before a high altitude time trial helped cyclists to shave an average of 16 seconds off their time due to the nitrates in the juice. Beetroot Juice is said to have stamina enhancing properties, helping red blood cells to better carry oxygen around the body, and Benefit Drinks’ 100% squeezed Vitality Beetroot Juice takes the natural goodness of beetroot and blends it with delicious apples to give the extra benefit of tasting great too.  www.benefitdrinks.co.uk

10.Pharmaton Vitality Capsules: Our lives are getting busier than ever and as a result our energy levels can slump. Exercise is shown to be a sure fire way of boosting energy levels, but there are also natural supplements too like Pharmaton Vitality Capsules which are said to enhance mental and physical performance as well as relieve tiredness and restore vitality. They can be taken for short periods of up to 12 weeks.  www.little-wins.co.uk

11.Ester C. If you have a lack of vitamin C in your body you can expect all manner of unpleasant symptoms like irritability, teeth and gum problems, a weakened immune system and poor skin and nails. Eating more vitamin C means adding more fruit and veg like kiwi fruit, broccoli and kale -plus the obligatory oranges! As a natural supplement, Ester C is a non acidic form of vitamin C which promises to boost antioxidant activity and boost skin, bones, teeth and immunity. www.theorganicpharmacy.com

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