They are called “personal” trainers for a good reason – they are here to help you reach your personal fitness goals, and for the best results, they need to make you feel comfortable enough to display your biggest flaws.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you find a London personal trainer that fits with your personality best!

1. Opt for the patient type

A good personal trainer should do a careful assessment of your body during the first meeting and outline the ideal workout plan for you. The golden rule is – opt for professionals who understand that what does miracles for one client may not work for another.

Trainers should always suggest a comfortable pace for their clients, rather than trying to fit everyone into their standard fitness mould. Some of us may grasp on the go, while others may need extra guidance and motivation. Choose the professional who’s willing to make adjustments and stay patient with your gradual progress.

2. Check out the Cert

Best trainers have at least a Level 3 Certificate in the relevant field. Special certifications from reputable organizations like Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) or National Register of Personal Trainers come as a great addition. Don’t be shy to ask for a proof of certification and your trainers CPR and first aid knowledge. After all, your health is now in this person’s care!

3. Choose the right type of motivation

Different trainers have different motivation styles. While some people are okay with being pushed to their limits by a drill sergeant type, others can reach better results with a gentler approach.

Don’t be afraid to ask directly about his motivation techniques and coaching style or ask to attend one of his sessions as a watcher. At the end of the day, you’ll spend a lot of hours working with this person, so your emotional comfort and the ease of communication is paramount!

Contact us us today for a free consultation with one of our London based Personal trainers to get to know more about the different training sessions we offer! and how we can help you.

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