4 essentials for fitness freaks

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Groundhog Day, the same thing day in and day out gets wearing after a while and you can begin to lose motivation. The same is true with fitness, if you repeat the same routine with the same equipment every time you train you’ll quickly get bored. And with the multitude of quality fitness equipment out there, it doesn’t take much to pep up your training programme and put the spring back into your step!

  1. The Bosu ball. Looking a little like a gym sliced in two, a Bosu ball can be used in any exercise that you would normally perform on the floor. Place it flat on the ground with domed side up and you can use the Bosu for cardio and conditioning work. Flip it over and it’s a little like those UFO space hoppers that were a playground favourite in the 80s! Develop your balance and strengthen your core with exercises performed on the ball.
  2. Resistance bands. Who’d have thought a little resistance band could be so useful! You can pick up resistance bands relatively cheaply with different resistances to suit your level of fitness. Use them for strength training without the need for weights. Stand on the fitness band holding the two ends and feel the tension. Here you can perform a series of lateral raises moving your arms out to the side, as well as shoulder presses and upright rows and many other exercises. And as they’re so portable, you can take them anywhere.
  3. A foam roller. Looking at a foam roller, you’d be forgiven for wondering just what exactly you do with it! The answer is that you can use it to not only relieve muscle tension by targeting pressure points but use it to strengthen your core and gain some impressive abs! Put the roller under your back aligned with your spine before your crunches.
  4. Gold weights. Most fitness equipment like weights are functional, they’re there to do a job and do it well, but the new range of gold weights from Lifting Pretty could be about to challenge all that! With individual sets from 2-10KG, the signature gold collection is designed to look good as well as perform. Who said fitness equipment had to be boring!

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