Does going to the gym seem like a gloomy routine? Bring in more fun into your training sessions with these simple, but actionable tips!

Keep things 100% real

So you scroll down the Instagram feed and see those fitness goddesses with a body you would die for. Just a quick glance on the photos kills your entire workout enthusiasm.

Give yourself a reality check. There job might be keeping in shape full time or might not have your commitments , set your own goals put a plan in place and most of all enjoy it!

Find the right motivation

It seems like everyone around are working out just to lose weight. That’s not the type of positive motivation you should use. Instead, think of the exercise like self care 101 – a way to treat your body and soul. Workouts should be your major power source for everything else you do in your day, not just a dreaded activity you feel obliged to do.

Choose what you love

If you don’t like an exercise or activity, you might not last for to long in the class. There are plenty of Workouts and activities you will enjoy. experiment with different styles of training and activities and find the ones you enjoy the most.

Know when to stop

If you exercise too much, your cortisol levels pump up sky high and your adrenals are in overload, meaning you are no longer losing weight or getting any other positive effect on your body.

Know when enough is enough. Don’t over exhaust yourself with exercise to get faster results. That’s likely not going to happen. Don’t cut down your calorie intake to the barely survivable minimum. Eat well-balanced solid foods regularly and don’t forget to bring your funky new positive attitude to the next physical training session!

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