Not everyone loves the buzz of a gym, and for some people finding the time to get to the gym is almost an impossible task.

Thankfully there is another way – bodyweight exercising refers to using nothing more than your body to provide the weight needed for resistance training, and by using the range of exercises highlighted below, you will be able to get results that rival the gym, while saving money and also having the luxury of being able to work out anywhere that suits you.

Our bodies can offer the perfect level of resistance required and enable you to do away with the need for any expensive equipment – all you need to do is learn to use your bodyweight to your advantage, and if you perform the exercises below properly and in strict form you will soon start to see some great results.

So be sure to try the following 5 exercises below using nothing more than your own bodyweight, and follow the advice below on how to perform each one properly for maximum results:

The Plank

The plank is one of those exercises that everyone scoffs at, claiming it is an overly simple exercise until they experience the full gruelling effects of it for themselves!

Holding your body in the correct plank position for any length of time, whereby you are not sticking your bottom in the air or sagging under the weight, requires a significant amount of core strength, and also works the muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back.

The plank is a highly comprehensive exercise – and the longer you can hold it the stronger you will become. So start by holding the position for as long as you can handle and gradually increase the length of time to build greater levels of core strength and stability.

The Burpee

The burpee is one of those exercises that everyone loves to hate. But the reality is that this is an awesome exercise for fat burning and places a significant amount of strain on the entire body.

Start by crouching low on the ground and spring up with all your strength into a straight body jump, bringing both feet off the ground. As you hit the floor, drop back down to a crouching position and repeat. This is a cardio exercise that requires strength and gets great results when performed correctly.

The Squat

The squat is truly the king of all exercises and is perfect for building the strength of the lower body, squats are a key exercise for all types of athlete and, maybe surprisingly, dancers. It requires control as you stand feet, hip width apart, and squat back as if you were going to sit on an invisible chair behind you. Keeping your arms tucked in front of your upper body, squat until your lower legs and upper legs for a right angle and you are sat flat in the air.

The Side Plank

As in much the same way as the basic plank, the side plank challenges the body, just targeting a different muscle set. This time you are supported by only one lower arm and your feet. It requires a higher degree of balance, with the secret being to keep your body in the straightest line possible, and not allow your weight to fall forwards or backwards.

The Bicycle Crunch

If you are feeling a bit sadistic the bicycle crunch in an exercise dreaded by even the fittest. Challenging your cardiovascular health and your core strength this is no walk in the park. Balancing your weight on your sitting bones only, you are working your whole body and will even be improving your overall balance. Keeping your legs and feet off the floor the whole time adds to the challenge, to modify for beginners you can allow one leg to touch the floor, but try and keep them up!

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