Winter has brought Christmas party season, and all summer bodies are made in winter, so it’s important to try and keep your motivation levels up to keep yourself feeling fit and fantastic throughout this dark season. Here’s Right Path Fitness 5 ideas to get you motivated to work out this winter.

Do something you enjoy

Getting yourself to be motivated to exercise can be difficult enough anyway – let alone when it’s dark and cold outside. One great idea to make sure you feel pumped to pump some iron is to choose an exercise that you actually enjoy. Whether that’s a team sport, an exercise class or simply a high intensity workout you can do from the comfort of your own home, make sure that you don’t feel like you’re punishing yourself. Why not try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone? Signing yourself up for something a little different is a great way to activate your motivation and get yourself ready to work out.

Nominate a workout buddy

Striking up a partnership with a workout buddy is one of the best ways to get yourself motivated to work out this winter. Not only will exercising be more fun, because you’ll be going through it with a friend, but also you’ll feel accountable having made plans, and will be more motivated to get out of the house so that you don’t let your workout buddy down. Similarly, a workout buddy can help to push you and a little bit of healthy competition will certainly benefit your workout, making you work harder and hopefully see better results!

Prepare your meals

Arguably the most important part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the work you’re putting in in the kitchen. As well as working in the gym, preparing your meals will be the key for keeping yourself motivated throughout the winter. Having your lunches prepared for work will avoid any snacking or naughty cravings, and ensuring that you have a solid meal plan and knowing what’s on the menu for each night, will give you the motivation you never knew you needed. You’ll want to keep the exercising up to supplement your incredible food routine, which is a great little tip for keeping yourself active this winter.

Dress the part

Feeling confident and great in your workout gear is an instant motivation booster – so making sure you’re kitted out and ready for the winter is ideal for making yourself motivated. Whether that’s investing in more long sleeved tops for when you’re pounding the pavement in the cold, or treating yourself to some new leggings that will look fantastic in your gym class. Getting your workout gear ready and ensuring you’ve chosen something that makes you feel good will make you more inclined to exercise this winter.

Take your workout indoors

There are a host of different exercises you can do that will help you to see results and feel fantastic this winter without even taking a step outside to brave the elements at all! Start with the plank before bed. Do it at whichever level feels comfortable for you – either on your hands and knees or in a plank position. Get into position, squeeze your tummy muscles and hold. Aim to hold for 20 seconds to start with, gradually increasing your time and pushing yourself to improve continuously. You can also do simple exercises like squats, sit ups and press ups from the comfort of your own home, without any form of equipment. If you fancy a workout with a bit more intensity, why not search YouTube for at at-home-HIIT routine that will get your heart rate pumping and help you to build a sweat over a short and sharp 20 minute period. No matter what your fitness level is or indeed your personal goal, there are an endless amount of different exercises you can complete from the comfort of your own home, helping you to keep fit even in the darkest and coldest winter months.

Focus on your goals

Having a clear vision of what your goals are will help to keep yourself motivated, even in the depths of winter. Take some time to identify what your specific goals are. Do you want to drop a dress size? Do you want to lift heavier? Do you want to be healthier? Think about your health and fitness goals and write them down so that you’re focused. Whenever you feel that your motivation is lacking, think about your goals and what you want to achieve, and we’re sure that you’ll be more inclined to feel motivated.

These 5 simple steps are incredibly easy to implement into your life, but we can guarantee that by taking these measures you will see your motivation to exercise throughout the dark winter increasing.

Remember, don’t lose sight of your goal and remember that hard work brings rewards!

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