Here at Right Path Fitness we’re all about focusing on the latest trends across a wide range of areas, and health and fitness is no exception; there’s always new and innovative fitness training methods and disciplines coming into play all the time, and we like to be right on top of the best of them and fully in the know with the latest ways in which trendy Londoners are choosing to keep fit and healthy and stay in shape.

Here is our list of the top trends for 2017, have a read and see how many of these innovative fitness initiatives and tools you’ve tried – and for those that you haven’t yet got round to trying –


HIIT has been around for a while, but it’s really started to take off as as a form of exercise that can achieve remarkable levels of fitness incredibly efficiently and it’s principles can now be found incorporated into all kinds of training such as Pilates, Cross Fit and Boot Camp classes.

The secret to it’s effectiveness is that it can help to burn calories off very effectively due to it’s combination of high-intensity exercise with short rest periods. It’s extremely trendy and widely-used right now as it’s so effective and also perfect for time-pressed trend-setters as workouts can be as short as 20 mins due to the high-intensity methodology of training which lends itself to trainer harder for much shorter periods of time.

Wearable Tech

Innovation, technology and trend-setting have always gone hand-in-hand with fashion, and now this is spilling very much over from the catwalk and high-street into gymwear and accessories in the form of wearable tech.

Training tools such as fitness trackers and smartwatches have really come of age of late, and developed into tools that not impress and look good when training in the gym, but also provide a wealth of highly useful information which can help to take your training to the next level.

The evidence is that the popularity and trend for these kinds of devices is only set to grow rapidly in the next year or two as well, with industry experts predicting that anyone who has a desire to be innovative and set trends in the health and fitness industry will tap into this market as much as possible and get the very most out of these forward-thinking devices. So if you haven’t yet made the investment in some wearable tech such as a heart rate reader, GPS route tracking device, or move reminder – then now is very much the time to do it.

Group Personal Training

There was a time when Personal Training was somewhat niche and reserved for a select few types of individuals, but it has now developed into a huge industry in 2017 and so everyone is very keen to see what would be the next big developments within this industry.

Well, a big trend for 2017 which is seeing huge momentum is Group Personal Training, whereby people still benefit from all the advantages of having a skilled and highly qualified fitness professional guiding them in their fitness endeavors, but they also get to keep all the social benefits of training with other people in a class.

This is perfect for the trend-setting type of About Time reader, as it allows you to continue networking with others even when training in the gym under the guidance of a Personal Trainer – which equals even more opportunity to learn about all the latest trends and innovations from your peers and training compatriots.

Body Weight Training

It’s one thing to have all the trouble and expense of requiring loads of specialist equipment to conduct your workouts, but one trend that addresses that problem is the recent move towards move body-weight only orientated exercises – where no equipment is required apart from the use of your own body as a form of resistance.

The more innovative and forward-thinking personal trainers in the London area are really embracing this form of training, as it’s easy to learn, can be modified to suit any ability level, can be done just about anywhere, and represents an extremely efficient way to get fit in a highly cost-effective manner – perfect for the kind of person who likes to keep up with latest trends in order to get the very most out of everything they do.

You’ll need a skilled and well qualified personal trainer to show you how to exploit this forward-thinking way of training to it’s fullest – but in a nutshell it will involve classic moves such as pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and planks.


Yoga has been around for donkey’s years as a form of exercise, but now it’s really starting to be embraced to the fullest by trend-setting fitness buffs, and can now be found in many innovative forms which represent a truly contemporary and forward-thinking way to improve your health and fitness levels.

The great thing about yoga is that is can be practices on the go and is proven to improve your mood, strengthen your entire body and even lead to dramatic improvements in the quality of your sex life! Perfect for busy trendy types who need to stay sharp and look their best at all times whilst being seen to embrace the latest innovations and technology!

The really great thing from a trend point of view is that new derivatives of the yoga are cropping up all over London all the time, such as aerial yoga, hot yoga, and rope wall yoga. Look out for these types of classes and contact your local fitness professional to see how you can use them to get fitter and more healthy.

Smartphone Exercise Apps

Technology is starting to play a bigger and bigger role within the health and fitness industry, and this is starting to shine through in 2017 in the form of smartphone exercise and fitness apps – think things like MyFitnessPal or Nike+ Training Club.

Again, forward-thinking and innovative personal trainers are now embracing this kinds of apps fully to enable clients to get more out of their workouts, so look for a fitness professional who builds this kind of technology into programmes that they put together for you, as it’s something that will be right up your street as a trend-setting innovator – why not carry on maintaining this mindset even when training the gym and improving your health and fitness.

As well as being innovative and futuristic, these apps are now becoming more and more accurate and useful as valuable training tools, so you’d be crazy not to check them out at this time and see what you can get out of them. Many younger gym-goers and fitness lovers can now be seen wearing and using these kinds of apps everywhere – so make sure your jump on this bandwagon now whilst it’s still trendy and innovative!

Right Path Fitness is a Personal Training company based in trendy Shoreditch which embraces innovation, latest technology, trends within the fitness industry and a forward-thinking mindset to help do more for their clients and achieve better results for them.

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