When the alarm goes off we tend to morph into one of two types of people – there are those who can bounce out of bed with a smile and a spring in their step, and there are those who should be approached with caution, and not before they have had their second cup of coffee!

For most of us, no matter how we start the day, time is often limited. However, what you put into your body first thing in the morning can impact on your whole day, and even be responsible, in part, for transforming you from a morning misery to an energetic early bird.

Some people find that they are not hungry when they wake up, but studies have been shown that eating breakfast does set you up for the day and is better than skipping it.

Here are five healthy breakfast ideas to get you up and raring to go.

Porridge with Fruit

Porridge comes in all sorts of easy make packages, including instant, just add water versions, for those who are pushed for time. However, whipping up a pan of oats and milk on the stove, or popping it into the microwave doesn’t take long. If you are using a pre-prepared version just watch the added sugar content. Once you have your bowl of porridge add your favourite fruits, bananas are great for adding to that feeling of fullness all morning, but whatever you fancy can go it.

Eggs, Sunny Side Up

Well, eggs any which way up! Because eggs are a great source of protein, they make an excellent choice for breakfast. Whether you prefer them scrambled or poached, they are a low-fat breakfast option. Fried eggs aren’t so good unless you are frying in coconut oil which adds a sweet element to your morning meals. Bananas can make also add a smart twist to eggs for breakfast, simply beat eggs and mashed banana and fry (in healthy fats) to create sweet pancakes that are low in fat.


Grab a smoothie maker and throw in your favourite fruits for a healthy liquid breakfast. A handful of chia seeds will add to the sense of fullness until you get to lunch. Add a bunch of kale or spinach and turn your smoothie green!

Yoghurt and Fruit

Plain yoghurt, which is low in fat, makes a great alternative for a fruit based breakfast. You can be creative with what you add, picking fruits, nuts and seeds to create a delicious breakfast that will sate the munchies until lunch. Again chia seeds are an excellent way to trick the stomach into feeling fuller for longer.

Salmon Bagels

A real breakfast treat, simply toast a bagel and top with low-fat cream cheese and smoked salmon. Fish is also good for the body as it contains those all important omega three oils. This is another dish you can experiment with, adding anything that takes your fancy – avocado being a popular choice, and healthy to boot.

And there you have it, 5 healthy breakfast meals that will have you feeling fitter, stronger and healthier in no time if you incorporate them into your health and fitness diet.

Be sure to try each of these and let us know what you think of them in the comments below – as well as any other similar meals that you regularly enjoy that can help to energise your body and mind ready for the day ahead!

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