Long gone are the days where ‘does my bum look big in this?’ was asked with a worrisome glance. Quite the opposite in fact, as now big and curvy bottoms are fashionable, desirable and quite frankly pretty fantastic. Lots of women up and down the country are switching their fitness goals from losing a few pounds to building a serious booty – and we couldn’t support this concept any more. Big bums are beautiful and they’re here to stay – so let’s help you craft yours.  There’s nothing better than seeing your bum firming up and truly taking shape, so here are our 5 tips to get the perfect bum

Do your research

In order to truly build your peach, you need to go into the gym armed and dangerous with all the knowledge on which areas are going to target your glutes. Of course, working out in general is great for toning up, but you want to really target your buttocks to really see the results. Research which types of exercises you need to be incorporating into your routine to help your booty grow, and start working them into your plan right away!

Lift those weights

If you want the waist to be thinner and the booty to be bigger, you’re going to need to start lifting weights. There’s nothing quite like some weight based exercises to help grow that butt, so get familiar with the weights corner and start to incorporate them into your workout routine. Kickbacks, walking lunges, curtsy lunges and deadlifts with a barbell will all play their part in helping you perfect the peach – so get acquainted with these moves and get to work.

Squat it like it’s hot

Booty building is no joke – and the absolute best thing for getting the perfect bum is to squat until you can squat no more. Squats are one of the most effective types of exercise for building your butt, so try and work as many different variations into your plan as possible. From your classic squat to a wide legged squat, a squat with weights or even a tricky one-legged squat, try your hand at a few different types and you’ll soon see the difference in your backside.

Feed the booty

They say that when it comes to getting the perfect body, 80% of the work is done in the kitchen and 20% in the gym. This is also true for building your butt – and if you want to see the booty grow and take shape, you need to be feeding it properly when at home. This means a healthy and balanced lifestyle with plenty of protein to encourage those gains. Eat right and train right and you’ll see results.

Be consistent

Building the perfect bum doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and most importantly – consistency. If your goal is to work that peach, then make sure you are regularly and consistently training your glutes. Patience is the key when it comes to seeing results. We promise if you put the work in, you’ll reap the results!

Sticking to these 5 tips will help you get the perfect bum in no time. Work hard, eat well and train that booty – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with dedication and commitment.

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