Eggs are so good for you that they’re often referred to as ‘mother-natures protein’ – and for good reason! As well as being loaded with a superb profile of vitamins and nutrients, they also contain unique antioxidants and powerful bran nutrients that studies have shown you may well be deficient in!

They also have other benefits, so if you’re not eating lots of eggs as part of your health and fitness diet then you’re missing out! To explain exactly why here’s my round-up of the top 5 benefits of eating eggs:

  1. Whole eggs are amongst the most nutritious foods on earth!
    Whole eggs contain an amazing range of nutrients as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high quality proteins, many of the ‘good’ fats and various other lesser known nutrients that are great for body and mind! Eggs also contain small amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body, with the nutritional profile of your average large egg being around 77 calories, 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and trace amounts of carbohydrates. Eggs represent an awesomely nutritious food compared to the amount of calories that they contain – which is just one reason why they should be a stable of your diet!
  2. Eggs are loaded with Choline, an important nutrient for the brain
    Choline is a lesser known nutrient and it’s essential for human health and is needed for various processes in the body. It’s so good for the brain as it’s required to synthesize neurotransmitters and is a component of cell membranes in the brain. Lack of choline has been linked to a range of diseases including liver malfunction and cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Studies have indicated that around 90% of people are probably lacking in the optimum amount of Choline and need to eat more – another great reason why you should be eating lots of eggs regularly!
  3. Eggs contain protein that has a perfect amino acid profile
    There are many different types of protein with various amino acid profiles – and eggs are truly one of the best there is! Eggs contain every single one of the essential amino acids in all the right ratios, meaning they are a superior form of protein compared to many other sources. So the bottom line is that not only are eggs a great way to ensure you eat enough protein – it’s also the very best kind of protein that you can eat!
  4. Eggs also help to protect your eyes!
    As if the above wasn’t enough already – there are two important antioxidants in eggs that have a powerful protective effect on your eyes! They are called Lutein and Zeaxanthin and are both found in the yolk of an egg – these two substances are found in the retina of your eyes and boosting your intake of these substances has been found to reduce your risk of various eye conditions such as cataracts that can cause vision problems and in the worst cases blindness! So eggs are not just good for the way you look and feel – they can also help you to see better too! Truly an amazing superfood!
  5. Eggs for breakfast can help you lose body fat
    Eggs contain only trace amounts of carbohydrates, but plenty of protein and ‘good’ fat. For this reason, eggs have been found to be beneficial to you if you want to lose bodyfat when eaten for breakfast. Studies have been done where people have eaten eggs for breakfast compared to another group of people that eat foods higher in carbohydrates such as bagels – with the result being that the group that ate eggs felt more full throughout the rest of the day and didn’t feel the need to consume as many calories overall! Eggs can help you to lose weight and bodyfat when eaten early in the morning – which is yet another reason why I regularly make sure they’re a stable part of my morning diet.So you’ve seen from the above exactly why eggs are such an important part of a healthy fitness and fat loss diet,  so make sure you eat them regularly – especially for breakfast!

If you have any more questions about fitness and fat loss diet and nutrition, or any other personal training related questions for that matter, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll be happy to help. For now though I’m off to buy some more eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast!

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