Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the body through core strength, body alignment and stretching – it’s a fantastic form of exercise that’s highly beneficial to anyone no matter what your fitness level, age of personal training and health goals.

So if you have been thinking about trying Pilates then be sure to read on as we highlight 5 Reasons that it’s so great for you – the list of benefits is extensive and varied so be sure to learn all you can from the below and then give it a try…..

1 It’s amazing for your abs

Pilates hits your core hard, in fact maybe harder than any other type of workout, meaning that it’s a fantastic way to directly strengthen the muscle that form a six-pack, which is going to help you have a flat and toned stomach that you can be truly proud of. It’s also really good at creating balance between the two sides of your body, so in terms of shape it’s a great way to achieve your dream abs that look as good as they possibly can.

2 It helps eradicate back pain

Because pilates doesn’t place undue strain or stress on your back area, and because it is so effective at strengthening your core, it’s great if you suffer from back pain or are at risk at developing back pain in the future.

3 It’s Low Impact

The slow and controlled movements of Pilates mean that it’s a great low impact exercise that’s great if you need to restrict the amount of stress that you place on your body but still wish to get a good all-round body workout, this is one of the main reasons why Pilates is such a great form of exercise to practise if you are pregnant as well. This also means that Pilates is great for people of all levels of fitness and all ages, so it’s a highly versatile form of exercise which is one of the main reasons that we recommend it so highly here at Right Path Fitness.

4 It perfects your posture

Pilates helps to improve your posture and balance, and is great for both toning and flexibility, it does this by lengthening and straightening your spine which also helps to avoid back and shoulder injuries – meaning that the list of benefits of practising Pilates becomes ever more extensive – just another key reason why you should give Pilates a try!

5 It boosts your energy levels

In this hectic modern world we could all use more energy, and Pilates helps to achieve just this by stimulating your muscles and improving your circulation, and it also teaches you to breath in a more efficient way which helps you to relax and unwind and feel more alert.

And there you have it, 5 great reasons that you should try Pilates today, as you can see it’s a highly beneficial form of exercise no matter what your fitness level, age or goals.

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