5 Way To Feel Less Stressed

Stress relief, that’s all meditation in darkened rooms isn’t it? Actually, there’s a lot more that you can do to relieve the everyday stresses that we all experience. Stress is a fact of life, so learning techniques to better manage it can have numerous benefits for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s National Stress Awareness Day on the 1st November, and here are our 5 ways you can feel less stressed.

  1. Urban Axe Throwing

Boss being a pain, tube packed to suffocation levels, alarm clock didn’t go off? What better way to relieve these daily stresses than with a spot of urban axe throwing. Yep, it’s an actual thing. Whistle Punks in Vauxhall gives you five lanes of targets and bullseyes to hurl axes at. You get a masterclass in the art of axe flinging (one for the CV for sure!) then you’re set loose in a tournament with up to 60 people able to throw at once.  Oh, and the one with the highest score is crowned axe king or queen. Whistle Punks can also be found in Manchester and Birmingham.

  1. The Pulse Point Re-set

It’s not the stressors themselves like traffic jams on the commute or being left on hold for 40 minutes that get us, but our reaction to them. Controlling stress is often about controlling our mood, and not letting the little things get us down. It’d be great if we had a little button we could press to help us feel a certain way but Scentered 100% natural aromatherapy balms are the next best thing. In a variety of ‘moods’ including ‘de-stress’ and ‘be-happy’, you apply the balm to pulse points on your wrist, temples and neck, inhaling the aromatic scents. De-stress with calming Chamomile and uplifting neroli is a sure fire winner for helping you feel less stressed.

  1. Soar away

Life was a lot simpler when we were kids, more time to play, more time outdoors and definitely less stress. Turns out that playing games can still help us to relax, as a brand new app called Soar: Tree of Life from All 4 Games launches in time for National Stress Awareness Day. Developed in conjunction with Dr Gail Steptoe-Warren, the idea of the game is to restore colour to a beautiful, forgotten land with music designed to bring calm, a positive state of mind and improved focus.

  1. Stick a patch on it

If you hurt yourself, you pop on a plaster and now you can do the equivalent for when the distress is on the inside. Vie stress relief patches look just like a regular square plaster, you place the sticky plaster on an area of hairless skin like your inner arm and let the active ingredients like valerian, hops and passion flower gradually seep into your bloodstream over 24 hours. And as they’re so discreet, no-one need know the secrets of how you stay so calm and stress-free!

  1. A good workout

For us though, nothing beats the sheer release of a good workout. Whether it’s 20 laps of your local pool, an intense arms session with our mate at the gym or an early morning run to mentally and physically prepare you for the day ahead, exercise is one of the very best stress relievers there is. Talk to us today about booking a PT session.

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