Online personal training is a major trend these days. Have you joined the bandwagon already?

In case not, well we have some solid reasons to help you make the right decision or just assess your options!

1. Online personal trainer is a no-brainer from a cost perspective

What is the amount you spend on training in your gym? Hiring a personal trainer in your fitness faculaty may sound like a big expense for most people. then, add a consultation fee from a nutrition expert who will put in place the correct nutrition plan for your goals. Result: you have spent a big amount by the end of the month.

Online trainers are a much more affordable option. For example Our online personal training starts at £100 per month including anytime email support, planned Skype calls and a diet plan that is bespoke for your goals.

2. You get scalable results

Surprise, surprise! online personal training programs work pretty much as good as in-house training.

Would online personal training programs become such a massive worldwide trend if they yielded zero results?


While the survey data varies from one service to another, here’s what a recent client satisfaction survey at Right Path told us:

  • Over 80% of clients responded that they consider online training sessions rather effective
  • 56% claimed to see significant improvements within the first three months.

Certainly your motivation and dedication levels play an important role. You need to follow all the instructions regularly and stay honest when it comes to personal assessment sessions with your trainer.

Online personal training isn’t a magic wand that will make all your problems go away with one brisk wave.

3. You can choose among the best professionals

How often do you hear your friends’ bragging about that new world-class sportsmen now turned personal trainer…to realize you can be number 1483 on their waiting list?

A bit too often, I suppose.

Online personal training means you get exclusive access to any amazing trainer that offers their services on the web. In our case, you don’t need to be based in London to get consultations from Keith. You’ll receive exclusive attention and treatment during regular video calls and consultations without stepping outside your cozy apartment.

Thanks to the remarkable beauty of the technology you can now have access to any trainer despite the geographical boundaries setting you apart. In fact, the idea of offering online personal training plans came to us after receiving numerous request from those clients who couldn’t find a good professional locally.

Thanks to the Internet you can now have direct access to any sports professional that would otherwise be unavailable. Just choose wise.

4. Time is no longer an issue.

We live in the busy world where everyone are constantly on the run. Finding enough time for a regular workout routine can be tough. Especially, when you have to make an appointment in advance and be flexible enough to adapt to your trainer’s schedule.

You are sorry for saying “sorry” just too many times when you need to re-schedule your gym appointment yet again.

With online personal trainers things work quite on the opposite. You are the king of your time. You have the luxury to choose and set the most suitable hours for video calls and chat sessions. You can work out as early as you like; or as a late you need to. You trainer is just one click away always!

5. You get the highest level of personal accountability

While your Personal Trainer is not actually present while you are undertaking your workout sessions, there is still a number of options to help your trainer monitor your progress and monitor progression.

Your personal online trainer will regularly check and update your personalised workout plans, add new exercises and check progress. Your trainer can send you special reminders or keep an eye on your food journal as well.

6. You receive immediate attention

Remember the times when you had a burning question after your regular training session?

Most of us end up Googling them up (and getting overwhelmed with loads of opinions) or waiting another week to finally ask that question (or forget about it and wait for another week).

Working with an online personal trainer means that all your questions will be answered pretty much in-the-moment. Our company, for instance, offers 24/7 email support. Or you can define the best communication channel with your trainer personally.

Plus, we have tons of valuable tips in our Advice section. Make sure you check those out. Bet some of your questions were already answered!

7. Learning exercises is easier

Yes, that’s right. Leaning all the exercise movements and techniques online is often easier than in the studio.

Allow me to explain.

Non-distractive environment. You workout at home with calm music on and no other mates around. No shouting, no crowds, no noise. You focus on mastering your technique without getting worried of who’s watching and judging your non-graceful attempts of getting things right.

Find your own pace. You are in no rush. You can take as much time as you need to strengthen a certain move and polish up your technique. No need to worry that you are running out of time with your trainer.

Better assessment tools. We allow our clients to record themselves exercising and send their videos for the trainers review. Let’s admit, your trainer is also a human. During the busy days he may miss out your bads. But that’s not certainly the case with video. Here not even the tiniest detail will slip away!

So what do you think of online personal training? Is it a Yay or Nay?

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