You may argue that squats are the king of all exercises, however do not underestimate deadlifting. Or weightlifting as you prefer. While squatting helps you build your size, deadlifting helps you carve out the perfect upper and lower body like no other exercise.

Need some more reasoning? Here are the key benefits of deadlifting:

  • Deadlifting Boosts Fat Burn
  • According to a recent study, the training group that was on a diet + aerobics + weightlifting program managed to lose over nine kilos of fat, which was 44% and 35% more compared to diet-only group and diet + aerobic group.
  • The secret towards effective weight loss: diet + cardio + weights.
  • Deadlifting Improves Your Posture
  • The exercise boosts your core strength and adds up core stability. Deadlifting targets all the muscles responsible for your posture, so you are just bound to end up with a straighter back.
  • Deadlifting Increases Your Grip Strength
  • Want sculptured arms and a firm grip? Deadlifting makes your forearms work incredibly hard and builds up your finger strength, as it is the only connection between you and the weight of the bar.
  • Deadlifting Boosts Your Hormones Production
  • Incorporating deadlifting in your training routine drastically boosts the amount of testosterone and growth hormone your body produces. Both of them improve muscle repair and promotes faster tissue healing; increase bone strength and speed up muscle growth.
  • Deadlifting Helps Prevent Other Injuries
  • This exercise massively strengthens your muscles around critical ligaments and tendons. Protecting your joints with strong muscles is essential for preventing injuries, particularly in the lower back and hamstrings.
  • Deadlifting is Cheap and Easy

Most exercises require special shoes or equipment. But not deadlifting. Just get a bar with some weights. Those are always available in any thrift shop if you’d like to save an extra penny.

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