Don’t you love that smug feeling when you get someone just the right gift? Finding the perfect gift though can be hard, especially if you’re spending less than £30. A good starting point is always their hobbies and interests, so if they’re into fitness, here are some of the best fitness gifts for under £30.

1) Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser Bottle. £14.99

Making your own naturally flavoured water in glass mason jars is really on trend at the minute but that’s not always practical when you’re out and about. The new Bio-synergy fruit infuser water bottle is like a regular gym water bottle but with an added fruit chamber. Fill it with fruits like strawberries, lime and raspberries, vegetables like cucumber and even herbs like mint and the flavour, antioxidants and vitamins will infuse the water naturally. Really easy to do, and tastes great, this could be one fitness gift that you’ll want to keep hold of!

2) XCEED Goggles. £26.99

Michael Phelps is the swimming legend with no less than 28 medals, making him the most decorated Olympian of all time. If you know a keen swimmer, then they’ll no doubt be pleased as punch to receive some goggles designed by Phelps himself. The XCEED goggles are made by MP, the partnership brand between Phelps and swim specialist Aqua Sphere, and have curved lenses for 180 degree panoramic vision.

3) Magnesium Sleep Lotion. £9.95

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night and waking up feeling less than refreshed. Magnesium Sleep Lotion is a blend of magnesium with natural lavender and chamomile. The mineral magnesium is said to be a natural relaxant able to flush out heavy toxins from the body and restore PH levels, whilst the lavender and chamomile slow sensory activity and quieten the mind. Definitely one for anyone that struggles to get a good night’s sleep!

4) Domyos Cardio Fitness Bag. £19.99

Brother who likes basketball or sister who’s into squash? Most fitness enthusiasts have to carry a fair few pieces of kit around with them, so the Domyos by Decathlon Cardio Fitness Bag with 30L capacity and 6 compartments could be just what they’re after. Big enough for a sports outfit and associated fitness accessories, this bag even has elasticated mat straps at the bottom to strap on a rolled up gym mat.

5) Carb Killa Selection Box. £29.88

If you want the fitness fanatic’s version of the classic chocolate selection box, then the Carb Killa Selection Box is surely it! 12 high protein, chocolate inspired bars in Carb Killa’s unique flavours like Jaffa Quake, Peanut Nutter and Caramel Chaos, and each bar packed with 23 grams of protein.

6) Infrared Ankle Socks. £15.00

What do you get the sporty type who has everything? Why, some infrared ankle socks of course! The infrared technology in these socks from Kymira Sport is said to enhance performance and offer pain relief, making them idea for wearing at times when the feet will be under high pressure such as with tennis, running or squash or for a long period of time such as walking.

7) Luxury Men’s Grooming Box. £24.95

Dads, brothers, boyfriends and uncles- they can all be really hard to buy for. If they like their grooming then a quirky idea could be a luxury grooming subscription box. Including manly essentials such as vitamins, razors and even man polish (whatever man polish is?!), the contents of a box has a RRP of £65. Now, this is a subscription service, so you’d have to remember to cancel it if you only wanted to treat them to a single luxury grooming box. Use code LAUNCH by the 5th November for 25% off.

8) SOLE Sport Footbeds. £25.00

For the fitness enthusiast in your life, what about a fitness gift that promises to eradicate foot pain and prevent injury? SOLE footbeds can be heated in a conventional oven then placed into the trainers where they will mould to the shape of the feet, offering support unique to the shape of each individual foot. They are clinically proven to reduce strain on vulnerable parts of the feet. They might save on those post-run foot soaks too!

9) Protein hamper. £24.99

The idea of two university mates turned start-up founders, Boostbox is on a mission to inject some fun into the fitness industry with protein fitness gifts for the ‘awkward one who only likes the gym’. Yep, we know one of those! The brand new protein hamper contains 14 premium protein products, from protein flapjacks and bars to cookies and candy, including delights like the Lumberjack Protein Flapjack in Ginger Dark Chocolate Orange, Dr Zaks Protein Cookie in Chocolate Chip and Battleoats Battle Bites in Candy Cane.

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