Couple Training

In my opinion, working out as a couple is one of the very best things you can do for your relationship. A study showed that when couples participate in a novel or stimulating activity together, that they rated their relationship happiness higher. Right Path Fitness will soon be launching Date-ercise classes which are for those wanting to meet others with the same fitness interests, and whilst this class is more geared to singles than established couples, it’s based on the same principle of shared interests. When you have a shared interest like fitness, it’s a fun, healthy hobby that you can enjoy together throughout your relationship, this joint interest also means that you’re more likely to support each other to meet your fitness goals and isn’t supporting each other exactly what relationships are all about? By training together you get into the habit of discussing goals, meeting them together and working on new ones- it’s the ultimate in couple goals!

Exercising together also builds intimacy and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, information that you can use to improve your relationship outside of the gym. That feeling of being supported and encouraged as you try and lift a heavier weight or finish that last sit up is actually really powerful emotionally and mentally- and these powerful vibes will only enhance and improve your relationship.

Good exercises to do as a couple are things that you enjoy doing that allow you to have that communication and quality time together. Try taking turns of being the ‘organiser’ and planning a workout session that you and your partner need to follow. Circuit style exercises work well as one can exercise whilst the other rests (and offers encouragement), for example you start with 60 seconds of squats then they follow whilst you rest. Or do the same exercise in tandem, so things like lunges, sit ups, skipping or using a punch bag. Letting your partner set the pace and decide on the workout can also introduce you to different styles of exercise, as well as giving you a fascinating insight into their routine and training.

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