Best new fitness clothing for autumn

Keith McNiven

If your idea of getting ready for a workout is to pull an old t-shirt from the back of the wardrobe, paired with some shorts that are probably older than Justin Bieber then you could be missing out! The new wave of fitness gear not only looks good and can give you a boost in the confidence stakes but can help your workout too. We look at some of the best technology in fitness gear available right now.

Compression technology

We all know that exercise can blitz fat but what if your workout clothes could pick up the slack between workouts? Proskins say wearing their slim leggings for eight hours a day for 28 days can reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve lymphatic drainage and circulation and reduce fluid retention! Apparently, it’s all down to the microencapsulated yarn that contains caffeine which stays in the fabric for up to 100 washes. And it’s not just women that can get the benefits of compression technology. The Proskins Recovery Graduated Technology Leggings for men are said to reduce muscle stiffness.

Temperature regulation

With the temperature taking an autumnal dip, clothes that can regulate temperature are a fitness saviour! Acai Activewear promises thermal workout gear that doesn’t look like it was pinched from your dad’s thermals drawer, utilising Italian fabric technology that keeps your body warm without overheating. Gear like the thermal sweaters and hoodies are said to dry quickly too, making them good to go after your workout too!


Whilst that cotton t-shirt is probably comfy, the fact is, if you’re putting the effort into your workout you’re going to sweat! Most fitness clothing now, like new gym range Up Clothing for men and women is fitted with dry-fit technology meaning that sweat patches won’t be making an appearance on your clothes.

So once you’re togged up in your new fitness gear, give us a shout and we’ll get you started on your autumn fitness plan!

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