Sometimes we need to take a break from our training schedules. Whether we need a breather to focus on our families, to go on holiday, because we have a lot of work on or we simply don’t feel like working out – everyone suffers from occasional dips in motivation, meaning we take a step back from a health and fitness routine. However, it’s incredibly important to understand the difference between listening to your body and allowing yourself to take a step back, and losing momentum completely, causing a drop in your fitness level and taking you several steps back in your training progress. Here are 5 signs your fitness level is dropping and you need to rekindle your fitness journey.

1. You feel lethargic

We all know that working out, training and exercising your body helps you to be energetic and to feel awake. Working out releases endorphins in our body, helping us to feel happy, positive and more energetic. Once our bodies are used to regular working out and an exercise routine, we notice a boost in our energy levels, which is one reason why exercising can become addictive and enjoyable for so many. Once you break your routine and take a step back from exercising, you’ll start to notice your energy levels dipping and that you’ll feel more fatigued and lethargic throughout the day. This is a sign that your fitness level is dropping, and gradually implementing your workout routine back into your life should see your energy levels on the rise once more.

2. Your motivation is disappearing

The longer you stray from a regular fitness routine, the more you notice that your motivation to workout or exercise in any capacity is disappearing. When you break your routine it can be pretty daunting to try and get back on track, knowing that your fitness level is dropping the longer you stay away. If you’re noticing your motivation to exercise is dwindling, this could also be a sign that your fitness level is dropping

3. Decrease in flexibility

When you’re regularly exercising you should be stretching before and after each time, keeping your muscle flexibility strong and healthy. Regular stretching helps to really work on your flexibility, and over time you’ll notice your range of motion and flexibility increasing as your body adapts to your stretches. One way of telling your fitness level is dropping is a noticeable decrease in your flexibility. Stretches which were once easy for you are all of a sudden more of a struggle, or perhaps your range of motion is less. Getting back on track with your fitness regime will help you to gain your flexibility back.

4. Loss of strength

When regularly strength training and increasing your fitness, you’ll notice that your body will be able to lift weights which are heavier and for more reps too. As you become more established with your exercise routine, you’ll need to increase the weights you train with in order to feel the same results. You need to be continuously pushing your body safely to see results. However,if you break your consistency when it comes to exercising, you can lose your strength remarkably quickly. Loss of strength and struggling to lift weights you once managed is a surefire sign your fitness level is dropping.

5. Lack of stamina

Similar to strength training, as our fitness levels improve we notice our stamina for any cardio exercises will improve too. Whilst originally you may not have been able to run on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes, after regular consistent exercise and a good, healthy diet you’ll be running for 10 minutes in no time. Breaking your fitness regime for any length of time could result in a lack of stamina, meaning you may struggle to complete cardio exercise at the level you previously could. A lack of stamina is a sign your fitness level is decreasing.

Whilst acknowledging your fitness levels have dropped can be pretty difficult, the positive is that you can build them back up again with dedication and persistence. Start by gradually incorporating exercise into your routine at regular intervals, and attempting to eat healthily. You’ll be back to your former fitness level in no time!

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