We officially entered January this week, The Christmas period is traditionally a time of rest. We spent quality time with our family and friends, relax, watch copious amounts of tv and of course – eat. Festive food is a serious highlight of the Xmas holidays, but with it often comes festive fatigue. Indeed, many of us switched the treadmill for the sofa, and long walks for board games with family. Of course, Christmas is all about taking some time out and relaxing with the ones who mean the most, but it can be all too easy to fall off the health wagon and get carried away with the festivities. We’ve compiled the ultimate January  home workout to help you burn those festive calories and get back into your fitness routine.


Not only is stretching super important for when you start and finish a workout to make sure your muscles are looked after properly, but stretching can also be the perfect way to get those limbs working after hours curled on the sofa watching festive films. Make sure to try and get up and stretch every day, waking your muscles up and reminding them what it feels like to start working. You should especially be aiming to do this before and after a workout.

The Plank

The plank is an exercise which is incredibly easy to do at home, but one which is absolutely fantastic for keeping that core strong. You’re going to need all the core strength you can get for all that turkey eating – so start working the plank into your home workout routine. Whether you plank from your knees or on your toes in a press up position, tense your tummy muscles and hold for as long as you can manage. You’ll soon feel that core working!


Skipping is a great cardio workout that will take you back to your youth but seriously get those legs working. It’s the perfect way to start burning off those excess Crimbo calories, and you’ll feel your heart rate sky rocket in no time.

High Knees

We’re not sure about you, but cheese is one of our favourite things about Christmas. A post dinner cheeseboard becomes custom at Christmas, but sadly, with it brings a fair few calories. Doing 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off of high knees is a simple but effective way of keeping those calories at bay. Try and get your knees as high to your chest as possible and keep your back straight.


A classic exercise that gets the glutes working – there’s absolutely no excuse for not throwing a few squats into your festive workout. The great thing about squats is that you can do them wherever, so why not make it your challenge to squat until the kettle has boiled or until the microwave has beeped? Getting the glutes pumped is the perfect solution for sitting down on the sofa!


Deep down, no one likes burpees – no matter what they say. Having said that, burpees are undeniably effective, and you’ll be able to feel yourself working up a sweat almost instantly. If you’ve really indulged in your Christmas chocolate, then getting some burpees on the go is the perfect antidote. Start on your feet and put your hands on the floor, jumping your feet out to plank position. Jump your feet back in so that you’re squatting on the floor with your hands out in front to support you. Finish by jumping up, before repeating the process again.


Let’s face it – as brilliant as Christmas is, it can be pretty stressful navigating the crowds in order to bag your Xmas presents – never mind how exhausting it can be putting up with all of your family at once! The perfect solution to the hustle and bustle of the festive period is to do some relaxing yoga moves to help you find your zen and also get your body working again. Try and incorporate some gentle yoga and relaxation into your daily routine to beat the festive fragility.

These 7 super handy workout tips will help to keep you feeling fit and active throughout Christmas, helping you to craft a handy workout routine that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Eat, drink and be merry this Christmas – but don’t fall too far off the wagon to start the new year with a bang!

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