In recent years, the sport of cycling has exponentially grown in popularity, with hundreds of men, women and children up and down the UK hopping on a bike for their dose of exercise. Cycling is an incredible form of physical activity, helping you to get healthy, improve your fitness and shift any stubborn pounds quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but there’s something truly invigorating about getting up close and personal with the elements as you cycle, exploring and enjoying exercise at the very same time. Cycling is a fantastic way to get yourself fit and to enjoy it too. Your results are tangible, you can work on improving your times, distances and endurance and there’s always work to be done. Here’s our top tips on how to cycle like a pro.

Train often

The first step might sound simple – but it’s the single most important thing that will help you take your cycling ability to the next level. Professional cyclists train hard, and they train often. To improve your cycling you need to be committed to training regularly. 2 hours a day 6 hours a week are the hours you should be willing to put in to build your cycling efficiency. Professional cyclists will cycle from anywhere between 4 – 6 hours every single day to get to their incredible level. Good skill doesn’t come easily when it comes to cycling!

Build up your pain threshold

As exciting and invigorating cycling is, it certainly doesn’t come without its ups and downs. The ups are increased endurance, improved fitness and general health and the downs are, well, it can hurt. If you’re serious about cycling, you need to build up your pain threshold and be able to put the pain to the back of your mind. Cycling is as much a mental activity as it as a physical one, so working on how you handle your legs getting stiff and your glutes getting sore will help you to push yourself further.

Invest in your wardrobe

Investing in your cycling wardrobe will help to improve your technique and ability, ensuring you’ll get from novice to professional in no time. You’ll need some decent padded shorts, a helmet which fits perfectly and some sports glasses to protect your eyes from danger whilst you’re out on the road. You should also get some decent protection in case you happen to take a tumble. Knee pads and elbow pads might seem like an elaborate investment, but you’ll thank yourself for them if you fall off.

Bike maintenance is essential

A cyclist is only as good as their bike, which means you need to keep your machine in great condition in order to keep enjoying your sport and indeed improving at it too. Start by opting for roadies, some clipless bike pedals which will help your pedalling efficiency. Remember to clean and oil your chain regularly. You’ll get rid of any annoying creaking noises and ensure your bike parts won’t need replacing as quickly. It’s also important to keep an eye on your tyre pressure and keep it at the recommended correct tyre pressure for your bike.

If you follow these 4 tips you’ll be running the roads like a professional cyclist in absolutely no time. Don’t forget to map your routes, be safe and continue to push yourself. Cycling is a sport where you get as much out as you put in – so put in the hard work and you will reap the rewards.

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