It’s International Men’s Day on the 19th November and one of its key aims is improving the health of men and boys. In the UK, men are expected to live 4 years less than women, they are three times more likely to commit suicide and three times more likely to become dependent on alcohol. Keeping healthy is about lifestyle change, and there are so many products out there geared to men to make doing this easier than ever. Here are our top 4:

  1. Yoga for men

We all know the benefits of yoga and Pilates for mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical health but sadly men can be put off trying these activities as they are perceived as being more female oriented. 12.5% of men are said to be dealing with some kind of mental health disorder in the UK but they are also less likely to seek help for it. Finding positive ways to look after wellbeing is crucial, and that’s where OHMME comes in. OHMME is a leisure clothing brand for guys created for total freedom of movement in practices like yoga, with a range of shorts, pants, trousers, shorts and leggings designed to allow men to move freely, comfortably and stylishly.

  1. Supplements

Men lag behind women when it comes to eating healthily with only 24% hitting the recommended 5 a day of fruit and veg, and a whopping 80% eating more than the suggested 6g of salt a day. Protein powders are extremely popular with men wanting to build body mass but this often neglects essential nutrients. Maximum Vibrance is hailed as a ‘futurefood’ and the ‘most comprehensive food supplement in the world’ due to its 120 ingredients that include fruit, vegetables, algae, probiotics and botanical extracts. It comes in a powder with one scoop counting as a snack.

  1. Post fitness products

Some good news is that men are more likely to be physically active, but the older they get the less likely they are be active so it’s about keeping hold of healthy habits even as you age. As well as exercising, men are also more likely to use grooming products in the 21st century and new collections are being introduced that work alongside fitness programmes. Christopher Courtney has introduced a Muscle Ease Therapy Range that is said to counteract the effect of exercise by working on tight and sore muscles as well as de-stressing and relaxing. The range includes a bath oil, a body oil, bath/shower gel, balms and even massage candles and gelees.

  1. Muscle stretch suits

Men are exercising more and this is having an effect on their physique. It is said that the modern man is now 15% more muscular. From the 37 inch chest and 34 inch waist of 1954, men now have an average 42 inch chest, 37 inch waist and take a 16 inch collar. Often though, this doesn’t translate to the sizing of clothing and men can struggle to find clothes that work with a more honed body. Avail London is a clothing brand that provides men with not only muscle fit suits and trousers but muscle stretch shirts, blazers and accessories, all designed to work around broad shoulders and bulging biceps.

If you’re looking to improve your health this International Men’s Day, the experienced trainers at Right Path Fitness can guide you in lifestyle change including nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. Contact us today.

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