Protein powders are great, but what about the times when you don’t have time to make up a shake? A protein bar can be popped in your desk at work for after your lunchtime run, or kept in the car for after your workout. Here are 5 protein snacks to eat on the go.

Carb Killa. A favourite at the Right Path Fitness camp is Grenade’s Carb Killa, three layers of crunchy chocolate coated crispies and a whopping 23g of protein in every bar. Available in some great flavours like jaffa quake, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies & cream and caramel chaos, Carb Killa bars have around 1.5 grams of sugar and 220 calories, as well as low impact carbs. A good choice for a mega protein boost on days when you need to supplement your diet with some added protein. www.grenade.com

Barebells White Chocolate Almond bar. Barebells are known for their protein bars with delicious sounding names, from salty peanut and cookies & cream to caramel cashew and coconut choco. The latest addition to the stable is the white chocolate almond variety. A 55g white chocolate almond Barebell packs in 20g of protein for 203 calories, and is free from sugar so could be a good snack to pack in your gym bag. www.barebells.co.uk

Benefit Protein Bar. A chocolate bar packed full of protein and vegan to boot, the Benefit protein bar contains 85% cacao sourced from the CasaLuker Estate in Columbia. The protein comes from being enriched with almond butter, coconut and pea protein providing double the protein per 100g than regular dark chocolate products. The high cacao content in the bar also provides high levels of antioxidants. This is an indulgent product at around 242 calories per 40g bar with around 7.6g of protein; a good option as ‘better for you’ treat when you fancy some chocolate, but want to ensure the best ingredients and that added protein benefit. www.benefitchocolate.com

Bio-Synergy Protein Ball. Not a bar but a ball yet still packing in the protein and fibre! These chocolate orange balls from Bio-Synergy are 100% natural containing pitted dates, cashews, currants, whey protein, cacao nibs and natural orange flavour with no artificial preservatives. A 30g ball contains 4.8g of protein and just 158 calories. The balls are also gluten free and non GMO, so could appeal to those with food intolerances. www.bio-synergy.uk

The Protein Ball Co. With these quirky protein snacks you can choose from 8 different flavours and 3 types of protein, so either whey, egg white or vegan. The balls are gluten free and sugar free and you can pick the likes of peanut butter & jam, raspberry brownie or lemon & pistachio. The whey peanut butter version will give 10g of protein for 6 little balls and 175 calories. www.theproteinballco.com

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