Top 5 healthy spring foods

Springs are here! Now the days will get longer and at the same time air will get fresher which makes everyone’s mood good. This sudden change in the season marks a valuable time for all of us and for all things to experience renewal and come alive. In nature, this the season when there is an abundant growth in flowers, grass, and delicious food. And for humans, it’s like leaving behind tiredness and heaviness of the grounding foods. As it is a spring season, therefore, it is advisable to eat veggies and fruits that make people nourished while gently resetting and cleansing your immune and digestive system. However, what’s the season will completely depend on the place where you live and reside.

Often, people find eating those food items that are bit tasty than local seasonal food and smell better. But, eating the local seasonal food would be much tastier and make you energized. Therefore, read the below-mentioned article and get to know about 5 healthy spring foods.

  1. Purple sprouting broccoli– sprouting broccoli is much better than asparagus, as it one of the best food products that are available and found at the end of winters announcing and welcoming spring. Broccoli is beneficial and useful and gives best taste and flavor when cooked. All vegetables including purple sprouting broccoli benefit your overall health. It is rich in phytochemicals, minerals, vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber.
  2. Leeks– garlic, onion, and leeks are a part of alliums family, which is considered as the most powerful group when we talk about health-friendly properties. But have you ever heard about Mediterranean diet? If not, then we would like to tell you that it is all those vegetables that include garlic, onion, and leeks as their main ingredients. Leeks are even severed as a single meal that is rich in vitamin C and considered best for the immune system and helps in fighting various diseases.
  3. Watercress– when we talk about health, watercress is on top. In short and simple words we can say that it is on the top of an aggregate nutrient density index. It is a food product made by an American doctor, scoring vegetables and fruits on the bases of their nutritious value. Watercress contains vitamin C and calcium more than the milk. It even contains more vitamin E than broccoli. You can eat this spring during meal time or just as a simple snack.
  4. Extra virgin olive oil– most researchers found that saturated fat found in dairy products is not that dangerous that they are thought to be. Whereas, extra virgin olive oil has monounsaturated fat is extremely beneficial. However, various results show that olive oil protects one against heart disease. You can easily use it for cooking your daily food to get better health benefits.
  5. Sardines– this spring food is considered oily fish that contains a high amount of omega fatty acids. Even doctors and physicians recommend eating sardines and it is healthy and offers the best taste. You can eat sardines with some oil coated on it will create a super-delicious taste.

So, these are the top 5 healthy spring foods you can enjoy with your family.

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