When you’re successfully maintaining a workout routine, exercising regularly and enjoying a balanced and healthy diet, not only will you feel fantastic in yourself, but your body will certainly thank you too. After a few weeks of consistently healthy living, your body will start to change and reflect your life choices. Within a few months, you’ll look absolutely incredible and people will start to notice. Whilst you’ll gather many impressed admirers who appreciate your hard work and notice your results, you will also get some who are jealous of your progress and how great you look for all of your hard work. Whilst jealousy isn’t always necessarily a negative thing, it will certainly be prevalent in your life once you truly start to look and feel amazing. Here’s 5 signs that people in the gym are noticing your improvements.

  1. You can see people looking

You look great, your body is looking fantastic and you’re working your lycra like there’s no tomorrow. Not only this, but you’re impressive in the gym. Your hard work has led you to increasing your stamina with cardio, increasing your strength with weights and generally working out harder, better and faster. You’ll notice people are watching you work – and so they should, because you’re smashing it. If you feel eyes on you when you’re in the gym and can see people watching what you’re doing, it could well be because they’re jealous.

  1. They’re copying your moves

It takes time to craft enough fitness knowledge in the gym to feel comfortable that you’ve established a workout routine that you can stick to. Many people in the gym won’t be at that stage yet and will be looking for inspiration left, right and centre. If you notice people copying your exercise regime or using the same machines that you use in the same way, trying to adapt their routine to reflect yours. This could be a sign that people are jealous of you – but it’s not a bad thing. Stealing your style could mean they end up looking like you!

  1. Questions, questions, questions

If someone is chatting to you in the changing room or approaching you in the gym, asking about your workout and how you achieved your results, then the likelihood is that they’re jealous of you and need to know your secrets! Everyone starts somewhere when it comes to fitness, and any questions or conversations about how you achieved your physique are a positive form of jealousy – it’s great to help others!

  1. A sense of Competition

Competition is a classic form of jealousy – and especially when in the gym. If you notice someone suddenly trying to squat deeper, lift heavier or run longer next to you, the chances are they’re jealous and trying to engage you in a bit of healthy competition. Take it as flattery, hold your head high and focus on your own goals.

  1. Awkward atmosphere

Not everyone can appreciate improvement as a positive thing, and use their jealousy as motivation and inspiration to work on their own fitness. Some people are jealous in a negative capacity, and you’ll notice this by the awkward atmosphere they create. Whether that’s dirty looks, whispers to their friends, a sense of awkwardness or an uncomfortable atmosphere between you – it’s undeniable that they’re jealous of you. If they’re jealous, you’re doing something right, so turn your music up, block them out and focus on yourself.

Jealousy in any form is a sign that you’re succeeding. Try and take any jealousy as flattery and channel it into your workout, constantly striving to better yourself, beat your PBs and enjoy your sessions. You look great – trust us!

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