It’s time to raise the bar, or better say the barbell and start doing the BodyPump group exercise today. Curious why? Read one!

For those still unfamiliar with the craze – BodyPump is a 60-minute intensive program that consists of 5-6 specific exercises (chest press, squatting, deadrow, lunge, clean and press, and reverse curl) all done with the music. Numerous researches proved the massive effectiveness of this training routine that could be broken down to the following statements.

You will lose up to 590 calories per session

Sounds like a dream for those struggling with excessive weight, right? The ultimate daily caloric intake should be around 1600-2400 calories a day. One BodyPump session helps you burn around 1/4 – 1/3 of that number. As it’s recommended to do the workout twice a week, you’ll lose weight gradually and safely.

You will drastically increase core muscle strength

The program is specifically aimed at strengthening your core muscles situated at the body’s torso. Having strong core muscles is highly important as:

  • They protect your internal organs, meaning you are likely to get less serious trauma in case you’ve got a mid-body injury.
  • They support and strengthen the spinal column minimizing back pain.
  • They help you keep better posture and look more attractive on the beach.
  • You will have a better body definition

You want to have an attractive shape, don’t you? While genetics certainly has some impact on your physical appearance, the BodyPump workout will help you adjust that “definitions” to a more desired look. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Your legs will look leaner and become stronger
  • You will build up defined, but not bulky triceps and biceps.
  • Your waistline will become more visible and in proportion to the rest of your body.
  • Your shoulders will become better sculptured.

Hesitating if the BodyPump program is right for you? Find a class in your area and come in to observe!

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