If there’s one exercise that generations of kids in gym class dreaded, it was the pull up test. For many people, pull ups are some of the most difficult physical exercises, and the truth is that these are really hard exercises. However, although pull ups might be really difficult, they also provide amazing health benefits for those people who stick with them.

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First of all, pull ups exercise an enormous number of muscles. Your chest, back, neck, shoulders, and everything in your arms gets a full work out as you are attempting to pull your body weight up repeatedly. The compound movements mean you see major changes in your muscle groups as you get better and better. You can even change up the degree of workout each muscle group receives based on what technique you use.

Wide hand placement puts extra emphasis on the chest and shoulders. A narrow grip puts more on the arms, and then there are overhand and underhand techniques to focus even more on specific upper body muscle groups.

One of the nice things about pull ups is that they’re not complicated to do. The challenge comes from building up your muscles and your energy ­ not because of complex tools or techniques that take time to master. You simply start by hanging from a bar, making sure to get a good grip based on the way you want to lift yourself. Make sure to be comfortable in your set up before you slowly start pulling yourself up.

Slowly pull yourself up to the classic “end position” where your chin is above the bar itself, and your chest almost touches the bar. Then don’t just drop down (that can cause injury) but lower yourself at the same speed back to your starting setup before repeating the process once again.

Repeat this process as many times as you can. Early on you might only be able to do a few, or you might even find yourself repeatedly struggling to get that first perfect pull up. Don’t get discouraged ­ keep working at it! This isn’t an easy exercise to master but when you do, you’ll know you’re in great shape because of how much your muscle groups will improve and grow!

Important tips:

  • Don’t get frustrated
  • Don’t drop down quickly (this can cause injury)
  • Don’t swing your legs
  • Don’t arch your back
  • Practice more than one arm placement and technique
  • Keep with it ­ it takes time to become proficient!

The pull up is a great exercise because you can try it at any place where you have a bar strong enough to hold your body weight. In addition to being good as resistance and multi­muscle group exercises for strength building, you’ll also find you often get some cardio as your heartbeat generally really gets up and going.

This makes the pull up a simple but amazing exercise that really covers you when you want to improve both your health and your overall fitness!

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